Sarah 92

Sarah 92:

01: Avenge
02: Sound The Deep Waters
03: Wish You Would (cd only)
04: Nowhere To Mourn (cd only)

Not the oh-so-cool, American Ivy but their poor British cousins. "Avenge" is a dignified midnight flight over spires and rooftops, lashed by amphetamine-fuelled madrigals and elegantly hurried guitars. If there's one thing we do better than the Yanks, it's sublimation - and sublime, English pop is alive and well and arching its eyebrows in Great Yarmouth.

Sara Manning, Melody Maker, 20th August 1994.

It's slightly difficult to conjure up any avenging thoughts when those sentiments are being sung by a Sarah Brightman soundalike backed by limply strummed Argos guitars. Homicidal thoughts, perhaps... And yet! There would appear to be a pop song of distinction lurking here. But somehow it's all too cherubic and unsoiled, in a Rod, Jane and Freddy kind of way, to dig into your consciousness. It's a cruel world.

Johnny Cigarettes, New Musical Express, 27th August 1994.

Ten years this awful label Sarah have been going and they still can't work a simple recording studio. Or sign a good band. Or stop using twee female singers. Or anything. This one is no better or worse than all the other awful records Sarah put out. That's possibly something.

David Quantick, New Musical Express, 10th September 1994.

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