Sarah 70

Sarah 70:
Cloud Babies

01: Cloud Babies (live)

"Cloud Babies" was recorded live at the Mean Fiddler Acoustic Room on 5/7/92 by Richard Coulthard, under the mistaken impression that the band were about to embark upon their much touted acoustic version of "Borstal Breakout".

Disgusted by what actually took place, he threw the cassette into a nearby canal where it was discovered three weeks later by a passing Field Mice fan, who promptly sent it to us, under the mistaken impression that it was a small explosive device.

The track was subsequently remastered by long-time fan Martin Nichols at The White house Studio, Weston-super-Mare, and now sounds just as thrilling as it did on that distant summer evening when, before a hushed and expectant crowd, Keith leant forward to the mike and whispered the momentous words: "Hey Nottingham, I can see a lot of funky babes out there in the audience tonight!" he was later punished.

For optimum listening pleasure, please set your record-player to 45rpm, A studio version of "Cloud Babies" appears on the mini-LP/CD "If Wishes Were Horses", available from all good record-labels.

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