The Harvest Ministers

Sarah 64:
The Harvest Ministers
You Do My World The World of Good

01: You Do My World The World Of Good
02: Petticoats

Sarah 68:
The Harvest Ministers
Six O'Clock Is Rosary

01: Six O'Clock Is Rosary
02: The First Star

Sarah 84:
The Harvest Ministers
If It Kills Me And It Will

01: If It Kills Me And It Will
02: Can't Go It Alone
03: You Do My World The World Of Good (cd only)
04: Six O'Clock Is Rosary (cd only)

Sarah 616:
The Harvest Ministers
Little Dark Mansion

01: Grey Matters
02: Railroaded
03: Forfeit Trails
04: Little Dark Mansion
05: Silent House
06: I Gotta Lie Down
07: Fictitious Christmas
08: A River Wedding
09: Rug
10: When You Have A Faint Heart
11: I Hang From A Great Big Oak
12: Dominique
13: Don't You Ever

Sarah 628:
Various Artists
Engine Common

04: You Do My World A World Of Good
14: 6 O'Clock Is Rosary

Sarah 100:
Various Artists
There And Back Again Lane

07: 6 O'Clock Is Rosary

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