Son-Rise® Autism treatment programme

About Son-Rise®

When Barry and Samahria Kaufman’s son, Raun was diagnosed with autism at around 18 months, the medical authorities told them his condition was hopeless and that institutionalisation would be inevitable. They, however, saw their little boy differently, and enthralled by his uniqueness, embarked upon a journey of discovery with Raun that was to lead to his complete recovery from autism.

Wanting to establish some point of contact with their remote child, they began to ‘join’ Raun in his behaviours, following him as their teacher in whatever he chose to do, believing that he was really doing the best that he could at all times. He became aware of their presence, began to respond, and gradually started to interact. With toys, books, puzzles, and lots and lots of fun, a child-centred programme emerged that had unconditional love and acceptance of who Raun was as its foundation.

They worked with him, one to one in their bathroom, (at that time the least distracting space available) intensively for up to twelve hours a day, (ultimately recruiting and training volunteers to help), for over a year by which time Raun had blossomed into a very loving, sociable and chatty little boy who dumbfounded the medical experts who had written him off only 18 months before.

The Kaufman’s went on to found the Autism Treatment Centre of America within the Option Institute where they have been helping families from all over the world set up ‘Son-Rise®’ programmes for their own special children for over 20 years now.

Their approach emphasises the importance of attitude when working with these children; an open heart and mind, unconditional acceptance and respect for who the child is and any behaviours they might display; enthusiasm, the ability to inspire and have fun!

A Son-Rise® programme also depends on careful planning, observation, feedback and training, with regular team meetings to coordinate the approach, in conjunction with Son-Rise® professionals.

Comprehensive information on the Son-Rise® Autism treatment programme can be found at their web site: Barry Neil Kaufman’s book: ‘Son-Rise®, The Miracle Continues’ (pub.d, HJ Kramer Inc) chronicling their experience with Raun remains essential reading for anyone involved in a programme.

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