About Coll - 2004


Coll was born in 2001, huge at 11lbs and with bright red hair just like his two older brothers. He was a very happy, undemanding baby - in retrospect always content in his own little world - and has remained so since his diagnosis of autism in May 2003. This may be due in part to the somewhat remote and socially unpressured life that we lead, but I also feel that he carries with him an innate sense of contentment. When he does ‘tune in’ to us he can be great fun and loves to be tickled or thrown in the air. He has a big, throaty chuckle!

Obviously his problems are communicative and social. He has no verbal speech, but perhaps more importantly at this stage, he will go to all lengths to avoid eye contact with people. He prefers objects and until recently would spend as much time as possible away from us, never once acknowledging the existence of his brothers.

Coll has a great intellectual curiosity. Unless physically restrained, ( when he becomes utterly vacant and lifeless,) he is always studying things in great detail: how it feels, how it moves, how it tastes. He has recently started to take great interest in books - but always alone. He also loves being outside: splashing in the waves on the shore, standing in the little waterfalls in the gorge, climbing on the wheelbarrow and playing on the slide. Since his diagnosis we have placed Coll on the gluten-free, casein-free diet and have begun various nutritional supplementations. On implementing these measures Coll immediately stopped spinning himself in circles and walking on tiptoes, wanted to spend more time around Mum in particular and even began initiating some physical contact.

Since starting the programme, Coll's eye contact has increased beyond all recognition. He is beginning to say some words, (he really wants to talk now!) and is becoming increasingly interactive. He is participating in small games and generally likes to be around us. He is a changed child and we are so excited to think of the potential he may yet fulfil in such an intensive and loving therapy.

For up to date information on Coll's progress, please see Coll's blog.

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