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Who is John H Smith?

I am a Chartered Accountant with over 40 years experience of advising small to medium sized businesses. You can find my personal details and career history in my CV here.

My philosophy

I have always enjoyed my work because I like helping people. Helping to achieve ambitions, no matter how grand or small. You might say I get a kick out of being a part of other people's success.

I like to work with people who believe they can benefit from my experience and expertise. Whether or not I can help should be obvious from the first meeting. If I can help I will. If I can't I will say so.

I do in certain cases handle routine accounts and tax work but prefer to have an input into day to day business life as it happens, trying to make a difference.

Although I tend to operate alone I can call on the expertise of a vast bank of resources where I think someone else can do the job better.

What can I do?

To get a feel for what I can do have a browse through my range of services here or have a look at some examples of my experience or recent assignments here.

How much will it cost?

I like to give an estimate or fixed fee quote before commencing any work. My aim is to provide a value for money service where the cost takes into account the quantity and quality of work delivered.

What next?

Make contact with me. Click here for details.

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