Kupro MilleFiore
Sex: Female Breed: 72e Date of Birth: 31/01/1994 GCCF Reg: CSREF272348

Cat Parents Grand Parents Great Grandparents Gt Gt Gdparents Gt^3

Kupro MilleFiore
Kupro Brown Migo
CH Kupro Red Lynx

CH Pussinboots Red Burmaboy 27d CH JingPaws Blue Monarch 27a ??+??
Kenitor Brown Kelowna 27e ??+??
Kupro Cream Conchita 27f GD CH Kupro Cream Ranna 27f ??+??
CH Melanin Wai Sen 27f ??+??
Hygeia Honeymist

Katsalley Cromwell 27 GR CH Octavian 27 27+27
Seirian Georgina 27 ??+??
Kupro Taffata 27e GD CH Rascals Butterscotch 27a ??+??
Kupro Barbarella 27e ??+??
Kupro HuffnPuff
72 43es
Kupro Cream Calidose

Merinda Mister Chips 27c Bambino Paris Playboy 27c ??+??
Merinda Cover Girl 27c ??+??
Kupro Sebelle 27g Kupro Lilac Barnaby 27c ??+??
Red Holly 27d ??+??
Kupro Black Lacelily

72 42
Kupro Brown Migo 27 CH Kupro Red Lynx 27d 27d+27f
Hygeia Honeymist 27 27+27e
Merinda Bonnita 72 46as Merinda Mister Chips 27c 27c+27c
Kennbury Dulcinea 68 46as ??+??
Breed Key
NA => Cat known but breed not available to compiler of pedigree.
?? => Cat unknown to compiler of pedigree, probably a legitimate breed none the less.
-- => Cat known to be non-pedigree moggy. A little hybrid vigour is often beneficial.
Colour Codes: a Blue, b Chocolate, c Lilac, d Red, e Brown/Black Tortie f Cream, g Blue Tortie, h Chocolate Tortie, j Lilac Tortie
Breed Codes: 27 = Burmese (default=Brown), 72 = Asian (default=Black (Bombay)), 68=Tifanie
72 38 = Asian Spotted Tabby, 72 41 = Asian Classic Tabby, 72 42 = Asian Smoke, 72 43 = Shaded Burmilla, 72 44 = Asian Mackeral Tabby, 72 45 = Asian Ticked Tabby , 72 46 Tipped Burmilla

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