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Sunrise Promotions offers Web design, Web consultancy, Web promotion. We can also offer advice on security, with special emphasis on viruses and encryption.

Sunrise Promotions lays the emphasis on clean uncluttered Web pages with fast delivery of information.

Everyone is aware of the problem - Internet is too slow. The underlying problem is the lack of bandwidth. A problem that is compounded by poor Web page design. Pages that are cluttered with images that convey little if any information. Pages that guarantee maximum download time. Pages that guarantee that few people will see them. Graphics may superficially enhance a page but this is of transient value if visits to the the page are infrequent due to the access time.

Sunrise Promotions offers a minimalist approach. A page has to stand or fall on the text alone. Graphics are included but only where the graphics add to the information content of a page. The emphasis is on maximum download of information in the minimum time. To guarantee visits and return visits the page has to offer something useful to the user.


Eco-pages have moved to Gaia.

Lateral Thinking
Lateral thinking is an alternative and counter to the deep ruts of linear, logical thinking. {coming soon}

Intelligence Services Unaccountable and Out of Control?
Government, state-corporate nexus, the people, democracy and the intelligence services.

The Trial of Lim Guan Eng
The Trial of Lim Guan Eng highlights the denial of justice and the fundamental lack of human rights in Malaysia.

Global Ban on Landmines
As a fitting memorial to Princess Diana the world demanded and got a comprehensive global ban on the manufacture, stockpiling, sale and deployment of landmines.

Diana - a personal tribute and reflection
Some very personal thoughts on Diana, Princess of Wales who tragically died in a car crash in the early hours of Sunday 31 August 1997.

Diana - was it an accident or was she killed?
Was it an accident or was she killed? If killed, by who and why?

Mutiny on the Bounty
We all know the story, the truth has a different story to tell. {coming soon}

Books Worth Reading
The media marches to the tune of the state, what little is not controlled by the state is controlled by large corporations, the state-corporate nexus, little slips through the gaps. Thought provoking reading for those who wish to see beyond the media peddled trivia and propaganda.

Short Stories
A collection of short stories including 'Sex in Cyberspace', the cult short story, a couple of long lost Sherlock Holmes adventures, a ghost story ... {coming soon}

Art and Literature

Jane Austen
Jane Austen, her life and times. {coming soon}

Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll is best known as the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.

Agatha Christie
'The Queen of Crime', creator of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marples. {coming soon}

Wilkie Collins
The author of The Woman in White and The Moonstone. {coming soon}

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The creator of Sherlock Holmes. {coming soon}

Sheridan Le Fanu
Writer of short ghost stories, author of Uncle Silas. {coming soon}

Edgar Allan Poe
The master craftsman of mystery, suspense and Gothic horror.

Mary Shelley
The creator of Frankenstein.

Bram Stoker
The creator of Dracula.

The Surrey-Hants Cyber Gallery
An exhibition by local artists in cyberspace. {coming soon}


North Camp Internet Services
Business promotion in and around North Camp.

Computers and Internet

Pretty Good Privacy
A detailed resource guide to PGP and related privacy and security issues. PGP is the de facto Internet standard for encryption and digital signatures.

A resource guide to computer viruses.

Web Design Guide
A resource guide and tips on good Web design. {draft}

HTML 3.2 Quick Reference
A quick reference guide to Wilbur HTML 3.2, plus tips on good design and usage.


Cyprus is in the Eastern Mediterranean where East meets West. At the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Cyprus - the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite.

The History of Cyprus in 90 Centuries
Cyprus has a history that stretches back in to the mists of prehistory, myths and legend with its roots firmly fixed in the Greek Civilisations of Classical History.

The Cyprus Climate
Cyprus is the sunniest island in the Mediterranean - long hot summers, a mild spring, autumn extending well into November.

Akamas Peninsular
An area of outstanding natural beauty and ecological significance. Proposed as a National Park and World Bioreserve. Under threat from property speculators and the British Military.

A brief guide to Paralimni, a small town in the Famagusta area of Cyprus.

Protaras is the tourist resort of Paralimni - golden beach, water sports, luxury hotels.

Ayia Napa
What it lacks in cool sophistication Ayia Napa more than makes up for in its single minded pursuit of making money.

Kafenes - Cypriot Coffee Shop
The kafenes is the Cypriot cafe, a traditional male habitat for relaxation, playing cards, backgammon and discussing business and politics.

Cypriot Weddings
A Cypriot wedding is a very different affair to an English wedding, fairly informal with a thousand or more guests attending.

Cyprus - a divided island
In July 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus. The Turks have been there ever since.

Cyprus - refugees
In July 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus. 200,000 Cypriots became refugees, several of these refugees tell their own story.


Life the Universe and Everything
A tour de force of quantum theory, consciousness, life, ecology, vernacular societies, the universe, from which is drawn a new path for mankind to follow. {coming soon}

Deep Ecology
The philosophy, spirituality, ethics of Gaia.

Globalisation - a network approach
Globalisation is flattening local self-regulatory feedback loops leading to global instability.

Soft Energy Paths
Soft energy paths supply appropriate energy in the most cost effective, environmentally efficient manner.

Genetic Engineering - Paradise on Earth or a Descent into Hell?
Genetic engineers promise a paradise on earth, to those who control the technology undreamt of riches, or are we on the first steps of a nightmare descent into hell?

Biopiracy and Intellectual Property Rights
In what has been termed biopiracy, or bioprospecting, global corporations are scouring the world, extracting genetic material, then, aided and succoured by intellectual property rights, patenting these finds as 'their discoveries'.

Animal-to-Human Transplants - the creation of Frankenstein's monster
Transgenic transplants or xenotransplants are offered as the way forward. Xenotransplants may save a few lives (assuming the transplant is not rejected and no complications arise), but in doing so could put the whole human race at risk through the transfer of unknown viruses.

BP - Greenpeace
BP attempted to put Greenpeace out of action by seeking punitive legal action. Supporters fought back with a boycott of BP.


Surrey-Hampshire Border
A series of guides and essays to the Surrey-Hampshire border. An area in the south of England, south west of London.

A small insignificant town in the south of England, known the world over as home to the Farnborough International Airshow.

A medieval city that was founded by the Romans. {coming soon}

A small historic town in Sussex on the south coast of England. The Battle of Hastings changed the course of history. {coming soon}

Samuel Cody
Samuel Cody, Texan Wild West showman, balloonist, air-navigator, the first man to fly in England.

Hotels and Apartments

Happy Days Hotel Apartments
Hotel apartments in the heart of Protaras, Cyprus.

Sunrise Beach Hotel
A 4-star hotel adjacent to the golden sands of Protaras in the South East of Cyprus.


Las Islas Canarias
A group of volcanic islands in the subtropics, lying off the coast of Morocco.

The largest of the Canary Islands, lying off the coast of Morocco.

Puerto de la Cruz
An old colonial town on the north coast of Tenerife in the Orotava Valley, a popular holiday resort.


Turkey is a very attractive country, a primary holiday destination for many Europeans, it is also a country with an appalling human rights record.

Turkish Lawyers' Appeal
Would the many millions of tourists who visit Turkey's south-west corner feel so happy if they were aware of the scale of environmental damage in the area or the damage to human health caused by the level of pollution?

Turkey - the ideal holiday destination?
Turkey is rapidly expanding as a holiday destination for Northern Europe, capturing many tourists who previously went to Greece or Cyprus. What the tour brochures don't tell you.

Holidays in Turkey?
A look beyond the glossy holiday brochures at the real Turkey, and why you should think twice before taking a holiday in Turkey.

Boycott tourism in Turkey
Only an hour's flying time from the paradise of the tourist beaches are the killing fields of Kurdistan. Turkey aggressively markets its tourist industry. Money from the tourist industry is used to directly finance the killing machine.

Turkey - consumer boycott
A worldwide consumer boycott of Turkey to force democratic reform, respect for human rights and the withdrawal from occupied Cyprus.

Stop Arms sales to Turkey
A campaign to block arms sales to Turkey.

The Arming of Turkey
Turning a blind eye to Turkey's human rights record and the threat it poses to its neighbours the West continues to pour arms into Turkey in the process destabilising an already unstable Middle East.

Justice in Turkey?
The HADEP trials in Ankara and Diyarbakir, the lack of free speech and freedom of expression, arbitrary arrest, imprisonment and torture, highlights the denial of justice and the fundamental lack of human rights in Turkey.

Med-TV - Kurdish Satellite Television
Med-TV is a Kurdish satellite TV channel, broadcasting to Kurdish communities in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Ilisu Dam
The Ilisu Dam project is part of the ongoing Turkish war against the Kurds. It will devastate a large region of occupied Kurdistan, further adding to regional instability.

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