Nick Pynn

I was down in Brighton for Seedy Sunday. Later, I had planned on going to a Brazilian restaurant, but my friend Christina who I met up with had better ideas, and took me instead to Bom-Bane's, a little restaurant on the edge of Kemptown, just up from Brighton Pier. The food was excellent, as was the atmosphere.

It was at Bom-Bane's that I met Jane Bom-Bane. We started chatting about her excellent food, and the conversation turned to music, and I left with Round-a-way Wrong Songs by Jane Bom-Bane and Afterplanesman by Nick Pynn.

A couple of nights later I was talking to my lovely friend Louise, and she asked me how I would catergorise this music, and herein lies a problem, I haven't a clue.

I had listened to Afterplanesman the night before.

Afterplanesman could be described as avante garde classical, a hint of modern tango. Very haunting music, especially the track 'Afterplanesman', from which the album takes its name.

Nick Pynn is an electro-acoustic multi-instrumentalist and composer. He has toured with Arthur Brown, Steve Harley and Robert Plant. A major tour was the 'Stripped to the Bare Bones’ with Steve Harley. He has also recorded with Steve Harley.

Nick Pynn was awarded 'Spirit of the Fringe 2005' at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Jane Bom-Bane and Nick Pynn can be found performing at Bom-Bane's in Brighton, from where you can also purchase their albums.

Music ~ Jane Bom-Bane
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