Lucinda Drayton

Music is what feelings sound like. -- Lucinda Drayton

For me music is a meditation, it connects me to myself, to the audience and to the Source ... -- Lucinda Drayton

It is rare for me to visit Aldershot. The last place I would expect to find a New Age shop. But that is where I came across Lucinda Drayton. I picked up the album Both Sides.

Amazing vocals. Quite a find. Her cover version of the Sting classic 'Fields of Gold' brings obvious comparisons with Eva Cassidy.

As well as performing as a solo artist, Lucinda Drayton also performs with Bliss.

If Paulo Coelho communicates with the Soul of the World through his writing, then Lucinda Drayton does with her music.

Synchronicity: A few days after picking up Both Sides, a message on twitter from Priya Sher with the identical quote from the album!

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