Louise Attah

Louise Attah Stunningly attractive, multi-talented, singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, model Louise Attah (1975- ) grew up in Farnborough on the Surrey-Hampshire border in south-east England. The bright lights and stardom beckoned. She has performed in Europe, Italy and Greece, and in Japan. Currently she is working hard in rehearsals for a UK Motown tour.

Louise Attah has released one album. She appeared as a guest vocalist on Tonight (Smallhouse Records SHCD01, 2003) by Futuristic, a four piece soul-jazz band.

Of slim build, Louis Attah has a surprisingly powerful voice. When I first heard her studio work, it was mind blowing. One of her tracks, a cover version of 'Falling', has that rare, spine tingling quality. Her live performances in Greece, incredibly sexy.

Futuristic are a four piece soul-jazz band, their music a fusion of house and break beats coupled with jazzy brass lines and soulful string arrangements.

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