Carly Bryant

Carly Bryant The Lanes Brighton I met Carly Bryant on a trip down to Brighton where I found her playing in The Lanes.

I wish I had been able to listen to her longer and stay and have a chat, but I wanted to get down to the seafront. I did though pick up her debut album Twelve.

I did not get home until the early hours of the next morning, had a few things to do and write up, then I thought I'd a listen to a few tracks of Twelve. As a result I did not get to bed until sometime gone four in the morning.

Singer-songwriter Carly Bryant began her performing career in a rowdy pub at the tender age of 14.

She describes herself as folk. This is not to do herself justice as she is more than a folk singer with an acoustic guitar.

Mention the word 'folk' to me, and I'll avoid it like the plague. It is usually an excuse for people who can't play, can't sing, and who invariably are tone deaf, but give them ten for enthusiasm.

Carly Bryant can sing, can play, and is worth listening to

If you are very lucky you may find singer-guitarist Carly Bryant as I did playing the streets of Brighton. If you do, pick up a copy of her album Twelve. You will not regret it, it is brilliant!

I assume the songs on Twelve are her own compositions, but the minimalist sleeve notes do not say.

Listening to Carly Bryant I am reminded of Rickie Lee Jones.

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