The Lincoln Da Vinci Code by Dan Green

It’s an indisputable fact that people love a mystery and even more so, a buried treasure hunt. When I finally shuffle off the mortal coil, I might like to be remembered, at least, as the person who invented the ‘Lincoln Da Vinci Code’. -- Dan Green

Dan Green is the latest author to jump on the Da Vanci Code bandwagon with the publication of a book claiming the real links are with Lincoln Cathedral.

According to Dan Green, the statue of Alfred Lord Tennyson (Tennyson being a leading Priory of Sion member), is a pointer to the location of where Mary Magdalene is buried. That location of course being Lincoln Cathedral.

Unnoticed in both 1855 and 1903, the oft mentioned shadowy masonic secretive society, The Priory of Sion, inserted clues to the final resting place of Mary Magdalene, not in France as many have suspected, but in the confines of the Gothic Cathedral of Lincoln in England, confirming the knowledge that the Holy Grail does in fact reside in the British Isles…

..the first clue was a strategically placed roundel (one of 64, the number of squares on a chess board) on the stained glass Great East Window within the Cathedral – discovered only in 2005 – which shows Jesus at the scene of the Last Supper, except on his platter resides not the cup of the Grail, but , instead, the figure of a dog…..the follow up clue, some forty eight years later, came with the placing of a statue of Alfred Lord Tennyson, famed Grail poet, in the precincts of the Cathedral, laden with Priory clues concerning the mysterious dog symbol, awaiting to be noticed and decoded, and pointing further to the awaiting Magdalene and what awaits with her…

The church of Mary Magdalene was the first religious structure in Lincoln, in 60AD, only to be demolished and built upon as a Minster in 1097 – Lincoln cathedral, the church of St Mary…allegedly the Virgin but actually the cloaked Magdalene….the infamous 13th century Lincoln Imp, carved high up the Angel Choir had always been dismissed as simply a mason’s joke, it is, however revealed to be a marker of the Priory confirming the nearby whereabouts of Mary the Holy Grail, and evidence of the Rose Line divine ancestry.

Treasure seekers seeking the Grail have until now turned to the much publicised mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau in France and the Magdalene church there high up a hill. Now we find that this church is in fact a clue. It is the imitation of the Cathedral in Lincoln, the supreme irony, as the person who started all the Rennes mystery was named none other than Lincoln himself!

Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code fiction has cleverly presented the timely opportunity for the Priory of Sion to now reveal the very last clue to the Grail Quest ....

When Dan Green set out on his Quest, he noticed many examples of synchronicity, so maybe he isn't spouting a load of nonsense, as it initially appears.

My starting point, inevitably was, of course, the anomaly of an apparent dog on the plate at The Last Supper, instead of the expected loaf of bread or cup that has gone on to be elevated to The Holy Grail. Whereas most take their dog on a lead, this dog led me to many other clues and obliging hypotheses, some within the Cathedral and some not so far away, and a whole host of items of curious interest, particularly the notorious Lincoln Imp, thought of as nothing more than simply a Mason’s joke, the symbolism of which I have shown in a dramatic alternative fashion in our story, what he could potentially actually represent – a confirmatory ‘marker’ regarding our nearby treasure. Other clues have taken me through an exhaustive search involving Masons, Mary Magdalene, and the statue of Lincolnshire born and famed Grail poet Alfred Lord Tennyson within the Cathedral precincts. It is curious to note that time after time interesting coincidences and synchronicities popped up during the Quest, especially when I began to conclude that in some way it was almost as if we were involved in a game of chess – after all, in connection with the Cathedral we are not short of a bishop,a castle,a knight, king and queen. – and then discovered that coinciding with the final scheduled day of the Da Vinci filming within the Cathedral there was also being held for the first time ever in a Cathedral, the Circular Chess Championship! The circular chessboard was actually in use as far back as the 11th century at the time the Minster was being built, its roots unclear but said to have been known to great theoreticians, tactical geniuses of the day, and monks. Often known also as Byzantine chess to reflect the period, its moves are , however, different to that of today’s game. And it was resurrected, in 1983, in Lincoln ! Although my angle on this chess involvement is only barely touched upon in the book, I was impressed by what psychologists refer to as ‘ synchronicity’ – to cause to coincide or agree in time – as I feel this to be a tool many feel at ease with in their own psychological search for a meaning in their own lives, their own spiritual and inner search for the Grail, if you like, in a day and age whereby many are confused and disillusioned with the apparent emptiness of life.

The Lincoln Da Vinci Code by Dan Green was coincidentally publicised on 15 August 2005, when filming for The Da Vinci Code started at Lincoln Cathedral.

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