Kate Mosse

Novelist and co-founder of the Orange Prize for Fiction, Kate Mosse (1961- ) is best known for her novel Labyrinth.

Labyrinth is very much of The Da Vinci Code genre, but definitely not a me-too Da Vinci Code, if for no other reason than Kate Mosse is a better writer than Dan Brown.

Kate Mosse was stunned when The Da Vinci Code was published, as her own novel Labyrinth had not yet been published and she was worried that it would hit book sales. As it turned out, she was one of many authors to ride The Da Vinci Code wave and be lifted into the best seller lists.

There are many authors, who would have sunk without trace were it not for The Da Vinci Code phenomena, and it is all the more the pity that they did not.

There are two versions of Labyrinth. One, a special edition, has a study guide and a guide to Carcassonne. There is nothing, other than differing ISBN numbers, to distinguish the two editions. [see BCID 5830417]

Labyrinth won a British Book Award in 2006.

Her second major novel Sepulchre (there were previous novels but they failed to sell), features two heroines, one in the present day, one in the 19th century and a link between the two, is set partially in Carcassonne and in France to the south of Carcassonne. A Gothic tale that cleverly weaves the Tarot cards with the mysteries surrounding Rennes-le-Château and Bérenger Saunière. Much of which will sound familiar to readers of Labyrinth, but the two novels are very different. [see BCID 7076976]

Kate Mosse is presenter of the BBC Radio 4 Saturday Review and Open Book. She is co-founder and honorary director of the Orange Prize for Fiction, and is co-founder with her husband of the Chichester Writing Festival at West Dean.

Kate Mosse lives with her family in Sussex and Carcassonne, where Labyrinth and Sepulchre are set.

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