Alwyn Marriage

Poet, philosopher, theologian, essayist, novelist, environmentalist Alwyn Marriage has published five books, two on theology, three are collections of poetry.

Alwyn Marriage taught philosophy at Surrey University, travelled around the world as director of two literacy and literature NGOs, including Feed the Minds, then seeking a change in direction, decided to study as an Environmental Architect.

She has been writing poetry from a very early age, from her own recollection from when she was aged three or four. She liked the sound of words, liked wordplay. She has the rare attribute of being a natural poet.

Alwyn Marriage has three books of poetry to her name, one is a collection of poetry that she has edited, the highly-acclaimed New Christian Poetry, the other two are collections of her own works, her latest collection Touching Earth.

Alwyn Marriage has contributed to various journals and magazines, including Resurgence.

I met Alwyn Marriage at the Guildford Institute in Guildford during the Guildford Book Festival. She was reading a selection of her poems from the collection Touching Earth. The ones I particularly liked were 'Lighter', 'Tsunami', 'Indian summer'. [see Guildford Book Festival 2007]

Alwyn Marriage currently works as an environmental consultant and has just completed her first novel. She lives in Guildford.

For poetry readings, copies of published poetry collections, please contact Alwyn Marriage <>.
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