Canal Holidays

Group Photo

For about 20 years, I've been going on canal holidays with a group of friends. For the last four of these I've kept a diary of the trip as well as taken photos. In the photo above, I'm Paul. At some stage in the distant past I was at university with Alan and Nick. Since then, I've become a Catholic priest and now live in London. They've both married and now live in Wantage, Oxfordshire. Their wives, June and Penny, have joined us on these holidays for a good many years. Penny has been going on canal holidays since the age of about three. The rest of us took it up in our twenties. Maddie, a cross between a collie and a spaniel, belongs to Nick and Penny. She has the time of her life when we take to the water, but has a habit of getting overconfident and falling in at least once during a holiday. If you've nothing better to do, you may like to browse through my accounts of our wanderings. If so, click on one of the headings on the left.