other film and video

In Alleycumfree. 20022. 15’. Made as a tribute to long term collaborator guitarist John Russell, for a tribute concert in Osaka.

The Cutty Wren. 2008. 5’. Black and white. Singer Phil Minton performs his own version of the tradition English folk song from the 1381 Peasants Revolt. Shown in a special feature on Phil Minton at Il Gesto del Suono Film Festival in Bolzano, Italy 2009. and Zwei Tage Zeitung Festival Zurich 2012, The Voice and the Lens Icon Gallery 2012 and Whitechapel Gallery 2014. Available to hire from by Lux Artists.

Ute on the Marshes 2012. Video. Black and White. 7’19”. Ute Wassermann explores the acoustic under Walthamstowe Marshes railway bridge. Made for The Voice and the Lens, Icon Gallery, Birmingham, 2010. Also shown at the Whitechapel Gallery 2014. Distributed by Lux Artists.

In Distortion-Free Mirrors. 2016. 3’18”. HD. Colour and black and white. Originally shot during a trip to Nepal. Commissioned by harpist Rhodri Davies for a series of artists’ films responding to his solo album An Air Swept Clean of All Distance. 

London Solos 3 and 4. 2009. Solo improvisations by cello player Okkyung Lee. 7’24”. Video. Colour.