A — Battery
B — Starter
C — Generator
C1 — Regulator
D — Ignition I starter switch
E — Windshield wiper switch
E1 — Light switch
E2 — Turn signal and head light dimmer switch
E3 — Emergency flasher switch
F — Brake light switch
F1 — Oil pressure switch
F2 — Door contact switch, left, with contact for buzzer
F3 — Door contact switch, right
F4 — Back-up light switch
F5 — Luggage compartment light switch
G — Fuel gauge sending unit
G1 — Fuel gauge
H - Horn button
H1 — Horn
H5 — Ignition key warning buzzer
J — Dimmer relay
J2— Emergency flasher relay
J16 — Power supply relay for fuel injection system
J17 — To fuel pump relay
K1 — High beam warning light
K2 — Generator charging warning light
K3 — Oil pressure warning light
K4 — Parking light warning light
K5 — Turn signal warning lights
K6 — Hazard warning light warning light
K7 — Dual circuit brake system warning light
L1 — Sealed beam unit, left
L2 — Sealed beam unit, right
L6 — Speedometer light
L8 — Clock light
L10 — Instrument panel light
M2 — Tail and brake light,, right
M4 — Tail and brake light, left
M5 — Turn signal and parking light, front, left
M6 — Turn signal, rear, left
M7 — Turn signal and parking light, front, right
M8 — Turn signal, rear, right
M11— Side marker light, front
M16— Back-up light, left
M17— Back-up light, right
N — Ignition coil
O — Distributor
P1 — Spark plug connector, No. 1 cylinder
P2 — Spark plug connector, No. 2 cylinder
P3 — Spark plug connector, No. 3 cylinder
P4 — Spark plug connector, No. 4 cylinder
Q1 — Spark plug, No. 1 cylinder
Q2 — Spark plug, No. 2 cylinder
Q3 — Spark plug, No. 3 cylinder
Q4 — Spark plug, No. 4 cylinder
S — Fuse box
S1 — Back-up light in-line fuse
T — Cable adapter
T1 — Cable connector, single
T2 — Cable connector, double
T3 — Cable connector, triple
V — Windshield wiper motor
W — Interior light
W3— Luggage compartment light
X — License plate light


1 — Battery to frame ground strap
2 — Transmission to frame ground strap
3 — Windshield wiper motor to body ground strap