VolksWorld Show 2002

"For Sale" Page

Very smart Regatta blue 1600TLE Automatic Fastback, 1969, with excellent white interior.  Bonnet and rear shelf marked, but overall a good looking car.  Owned since 1994.  Reluctant sale at 2900 ono.  (Dorking)  07870-589988
"Squary Spice" customised Squareback with sloping headlamps, and massive ICE system making it a noisy 2-seater.  3600.  07887-990204
  Fuel Injection late Fastback, 1800. 

Also 5 good steel front wings from 70 to 100 each.

Phone Gavin;  07799 366190.

Yellow late Squareback, tax exempt, 850.  Phone 07760-508684 (or is that 07710-?)  
Something special here, but you'll have to see it for itself before you say yes ...  No time to check up on the tricks at the show, but Ben will tell you on 07779-222250.  Paul Medhurst says it's a 2.4litre Type 4 motor with 44mm Webbers.
  Picture taken a few years ago elsewhere, but Andy is selling his Turquoise '72 Notch, and wants 2500.  Tan interior with high-backs, bumpers now with over-riders, US spec lights.   Check on other changes.  If you know Andy's phone, that's good 'cos I forgot to note it down.
  412LE   4-door Sedan, Gold, 1.7 Injection.  Looked pretty tidy - impressive transport.  1,495.  07780-990030

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