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A Bomb Aimer on 19 OTU, RAF Kinloss & Forres
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These details of  Sgt Mundy are courtesy of his son J.C.Mundy.

Extracts from Sgt Mundy's Log Book.

1001158, Sgt Mundy, arrived at 19 OTU "C" Flight during March of 1943 from 9 AFU RAF Penrhos. After completing training he transferred with, I presume the rest of the crew Commanded by Sgt Redway to 10 OTU (detached) at RAF St. Eval (Attached Coastal Command.)

Whilst there they completed 3 anti submarine Sweeps. On their 4th operation flying a Whitley V BD276 (S) they crashed on return. Sgt Redway and three crew were killed my Father survived uninjured I presume, as he went on a confidence flight the next day.

As far as can ascertain the casualties were:
Sgt John Kirby, Sgt James S Ogilvy, Sgt Thomas E N Redway (pilot) and Sgt George C Wilkinson. (Information was obtained from St Eval Parish Church website. [Links Page])

He then returned to 19 OTU initially to "C" flight then "A" Flight joining Sgt Ross’ crew (2nd Log book table).

After completion of training in October 1943 they went to 1652 Conversion Unit at Marston Moor were he became a Halifax Air Bomber. They then went on to BDU Newmarket (RAF Rowley Mile).

Having completed Training at Newmarket they then went to 301Ferry Training Unit at RAF Lynham.

On 7th March 1944 they departed Hurn going via Rabat and Maison Blanche Arriving in Celone Italy on 10th March 1944, Where they were attached to 614 Squadron RAF CMF Italy. They conducted raids on Plovdiv, Northern Italy, Budapest and Bucharest. He appears to have completed operational Flying 13th May 1944.

He then spent the rest of his time in Italy and Egypt I have the unit names but not what he did I Know he was promoted to Flight Sergeant around this time eventually ending up at Cranwell. The last entry I have in the back of his logbook is for central exam board HOFTC Reading 26/11/46 to 4/4/47 when I presume he was demobbed.

He trained as a teacher at King Alfreds Winchester and remained a teacher for the rest of his working life retiring in 1983. He died suddenly on 28th December 1984.

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