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No 19 OTU
Despatch of Operations 
Extract from R.A.F. Form 540 and Form 541 Operations record Book

No 19 Operational Training Unit Extract from R.A.F. Form 540 and Form F541 Operations Record Book July 1942.

No. 37 Course. - No. 37 Course commenced training under the revised 91 Group syllabus on 24.4.42 and was passed out in just under 10 weeks on 30.6.42.  This was the first course in which pupils trained basically as Observers were selected specifically for duties as Bomb Aimer and the basic training together with the specialisation has shown very satisfactorily results. The pilots for this course were chosen from the pool of pilots formed at the unit when training was re-organised to meet the provisions of the one pilot scheme and these pilots have been under training for a total period of 18 weeks. Of the 13 crews which commenced training, 11 completed their training and were passed out, one crew crashed and the other is missing from operations. Training was somewhat handicapped by bad weather at the commencement of the period of operational training, together with the almost complete lack of darkness at this period of the year.

24.6.42 1300 Twelve Whitley aircraft took off from FORRES for ABINGDON. 

F541 12.00 hrs 25/6/42 to 12.00 hrs 26/6/42 By 19 OTU Whitley 12. 

Aircraft  Crew Duty Time up Time Down Details of Sortie or Flight References 


P/O H. G. Sherwood Captain
P/O J.S.Smyth Navigator
332. Sgt. Kington C.J. W/Op
Sgt. Turvey H.T. A/G 
Sgt. Brimkie. W.S. A/B
Primary Target BREMEN.
10/10 cloud over target area,
P/O D.W.E. Morgan Captain
Sgt. Milne. AM. Navigator
Sgt. Morris A. W/Op
Sgt. Loveday H.J. A/G
Sgt. Billings E. A/B
Primary Target BREMEN. As above. As above
Sgt. Makerewiez J. Captain
Sgt. Brown L. Navigator
Sgt. Bell G. W/Op.
Sgt. Henderson W. A/G.
Sgt. Hale R. A/B
Primary Target BREMEN.
Nothing was heard from this aircraft after take off. 
The crew have since been reported as POW's. 
P5003 ZV/K Sgt. Hobbs K. Captain
Sgt Constance D. Navigator
Sgt. Hull M. W/Op
Sgt. Jones A. A/G
Sgt. Kidd J. A/B
Landed atWatton
Primary Target BREMEN. 
As for P/O Sherwood above. 
Sgt. O'Leary J. Captain
P/O W.A. Gliddon Navigator
Sgt. Bartman L. W/Op
Sgt. Halliwell A. A/G
Sgt. Gould D. A/B
2248 Primary Target BREMEN. 
Sgt. Lisson D.C. Captain
P/O E. Francis Navigator 
Sgt. Hodgkinson V. W/Op 
Sgt Jackson A. A/G 
Sgt. McGeown M. A/B 
2240 0555 Primary Target BREMEN. 
As for P/O Sherwood above. 
Sgt. Hig J. Captain 
Sgt. Wright W. Navigator 
Sgt. Johnson A. W/Op 
Sgt. Kenzie O. A/G 
Sgt. Colson W. A/B
2242 Primary Target BREMEN. As above. As above.
F/Lt. D.J. Bain Captain 
P/O R.H. Vaughan Navigator 
P/O R.S. Erickson W/Op 
Sgt. Steward J. A/G
P/O J.M. Calderwood A/B
2251 Primary Target BREMEN. As above. As above.
BD267 UO/K P/O G.B.H. King Captain 
Sgt. Metcalfe J. Navigator
Sgt. Clarkson H. W/Op
Sgt. Johnson D. A/G
P/O J.H. Follet A/B
2245 Primary Target BREMEN.
BD381 F/Sgt. Gillis J. Captain 
Sgt. Collins A. Navigator
Sgt. Dorning S. W/Op
Sgt. Lee C. A/G
Sgt. Edghill C. A/B
2247 Primary Target BREMEN. As for P/O Sherwood. As above.
Sgt. Gough A. Captain 
Sgt. Layley G.C. Navigator
Sgt. Banks G. W/Op
Sgt. Jackson W. A/G
Sgt. Whitehead N. A/B
2243 Primary Target BREMEN. As for P/O Sherwood. As above.

An interesting point but I know from experience of reading many F540/F541 belonging to No. 201 FB Squadron, the error(?) of the aircraft listing between Z6730 and P5062.  The Air-Britain registers and Bill Chorley list Z6730 as the aircraft missing on this operation and the Air-Britain register lists P5062 as being "Struck off from charge" 26.4.45 having flown with 502 and 612 Sqns, almost certainly on coastal Command duties.  Again many thanks to Ian Hicks for his help with this information.

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