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Traditional-style tunes by contemporary composers in abc format

The abc notation has quickly become the standard for storing traditional tunes on computer and for exchanging them via the Internet. This page is intended to extend this idea by provide links to tunes written by contemporary composers writing in the traditional idiom. In all cases the authors retain all claim to their copyright.

New composers of tunes in the traditional styles found in the British Islese and related traditions are always welcome. Email .

For more on abc notation, and for software for converting it to printable sheet music, midi files etc please jump to the abc homepage at

Aiden Crossey is an Irish lad
now resident in Lewisham, London.
He's a great fan of his mandolin and
wanted to use a picture of it instead
of his mugshot. Download Aidan's tunes .
Email Aidan at


Gavin Atkin plays guitar and
English-style fiddle with the
Kent-based dance band Florida.
He also writes tunes from time to
time. Download Gav's tunes .
Email Gav at,
and here's a link to Florida's pages.

Taz Tarry is another English-style
composer. Download Taz's tunes .
Email Taz at

Go, if you wish, to Gav's homepage.

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