Free and shareware boat design software

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Hulls software
Develop your own multichine hulls up to ten chines using Carlson Design's excellent share ware. The download is at the bottom of the page - do make sure you have the required Visual Basic run-time file vbrun300.dll in your System folder. An alternative is Carene software. The site also includes sail design software.

Alternative Hulls tutorial
The author of these pages has written an alternative tutorial for Gregg Carlson's Hulls software, which can be used for developing hulls with up to six chines. A link to a page of hulls including a number of classic types can be found elsewhere in these pages.

Carene update
Carene is now available free from developer Robert Laine's own site.

Test out your design
Test out your design in detail with Hullforms 6, a DOS computer-aided design and analysis-style program. Grab it now, while your computer will still drive DOS programs...

Java-based calculators for working out various things, including capsize risk.

FloatPBO Spreadsheet
This boat design spreadsheet calculator from the UK boating journal Practical Boat Owner looks as if it could be useful.

The highly regarded Plyboats boat design software is now available in the form of a usable demo. 

Carlson Design Goodies
Gregg Carlson's page now includes a pair of free mast design programs for round wooden masts. The first develops strakes for round masts, while the second calculates mast size and strength for stayed and unstayed rigs based on sail area and wood types. 

Hull optimising software
The Michlet hull optimiser is free for personal use. I gather Hans Friedel used it when he was working on one of his recent canoe designs.

New free CAD source
If you're getting a bit fed up with the free version of TurboCAD, you might like to try this one. It looks a bit complex, but it does offer three dimensional working.

Canoe design software
Check out the downloads area at this site for some impressive-looking canoe design software complete with a voluminous manual.

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