Gav's boats

A photoalbum of boats built from designs by Gavin Atkin. All designs (except the Jetfish) are available free and can be found at:

This page contains many photos, so please give it time to download.

The original Mouse one-sheet boat

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Dave Owsley's Mouse

Dave Owsley's Mouse is launched for the first time.

Dave Colpitts nest of Mice

Dave Colpitts built a series of one-sheet Mice with a summer school during 2001; here are just a few.

The Mouse can be built quite successfully without decks. This one was built by a chap I know only as 'builtaboat'.

Dave Holzman's Mouse

Some folks get carried away with their Mouse - and isn't it great? This amazing carved bows is by Dave Holzman.

Cruising Mouse

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Chuck's Cruising Mouse

This is Chuck Leinweber's Cruising Mouse. It's 12ft long, weighs 50 lbs and carries up to 420lbs. Up to the time it was lost he used it for fishing, and as a tender for his yacht.

Chuck's Cruising Mouse on beach

Here's another image, shortly before it was carried away in an accident involving a knot that came loose... Oh - and you can see Chuck's Jim Michalak-designed yacht in the background.

Flying Mouse

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Ewan paddling

The Flying Mouse is a beamier, decked-in boat built using the same principles as the original Mouse. It's designed for sailing but there was very little wind when Ewan, Ella and I launched the Flying Mouse for the first time, and so Ewan (seven) had to resort to paddling. He wasn't disappointed though - this was his first time in charge of his own boat, and he loved it.

My daughter Ella (five and a half) was dying to have a go too, so here she is with her dad.

Ewan sails his little boat

Later that day, Ewan sailed his little boat, and I was delighted to see that all the sailing he had done with me had paid off - the lad turned out to be a natural, and his boat wasn't bad either.

Forest & Stream skiff

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Forest and Stream skiff

Allen Frazier built this Forest & Stream skiff, and he wrote a short report about it for Duckworks.


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More in fun than anything else, I designed the Puss to be a kind of plywood coracle - and Sheldon Wendler built it despite the note on my download page warning that it's not not be taken too seriously! Despite its unique appearance, he says it works pretty well, rows after a fashion and doesn't feel unstable. In fact, it's more stable than it looks because the seat is so low down in the hull. And I guess you could paddle it like a true coracle. Sheldon found it quite difficult to build because of the tight curves; this boat needs a light-weight and flexible plywood, and will be much easier with the help of a Spanish windlass.


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The Dogsbody is a stable, boxy little boat that carries a lot of weight in its short length and is intended for general duties in harbour, along the waterfront, or simply for fishing. This - just about the first to be made - is being built in Denmark, and I am looking forward to hearing how it performs on the water.



The Jetfish is an experimental 16ft jetski-powered skiff built by Larry Pullon. For more on the Jetfish Jetjon pages

For more on my designs, visit Free Boat Design Resources.