General sources of boating and boatbuilding information

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Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page
This blew my mind when I first found it. If you're not aware of it yet, take a look now.

John Kohnen's nautical links
If you were amazed by Mark's links, be prepared to be amazed a second time. While you're there, though, don't miss Great encouragement to boat builders, a valuable series of reviews of books and plans, that also includes a list of designs suitable for the first-time builder.

Home/Backyard Boatbuilders Page
Here's another usefuul source of links and info for the backyard boat building commmunity.

Amateur designer's mailing list
I have set up a mailing list for designers of small boats intended to emphasise low cost and non-competitive purposes - this is to avoid endless discussions about the relative merits of different high- tech spinnaker materials and similar stuff of interest only to those who need to shave a tenth of a second off each downwind leg of their next race. Naturally its correspondents are at all levels of expertise, but I'm hoping it will increasingly cover and debate all that small boat design stuff that is so hard to find out or decide - such as how sizing a rudder, how to decide whether a skeg is needed, what makes a sea kindly small boat, and whether plumb sides a good thing. To subscribe, go to the Onelist Homepage; the list is called If you haven't got a burning question right now, why not take up the challenge and answer one of mine?

Boatbuilding Community
A rather more mainstream and commercial source. This links to its design pages.

Small ships
Not so big, but well on the way to becoming an interesting source of information.

Working boats bibliography
Here's a splendid 26-page bibliography about working boats from around the World.

The Amateur Yacht Research Association or AYRS has a site that contains descriptions and pictures of craft that are always interesting and often just astonishing.

Bill Serjeant's pages
Bill's clearly a good egg and an experienced dinghy sailor with a lot of useful things to say - and he really wants people to get into cruising in small boats, which must be a good thing.

Boat Owner's World
A valiant attempt at linking to just about everything the boat user needs.

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