Christopher Warner

I was born in 1948, in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in the South-East of England. I attended Medway College of Art in the late '60s (interesting), briefly messed around with a string of office jobs (not interesting), before making a successful career as a freelance designer and illustrator (never dull!). I lived in Broadstairs, Kent for 15 years, where I gained a love of the sea, Canterbury (briefly), and now reside in Orpington, South London, with my partner of six years, Barbara.

These days, I paint pictures, either out of a conviction that they're worth doing, or under commission, with a particular interest in marine or water-based subject matter.

My painting heroes? Quite a few really: J.M.W.Turner; Jan Vermeer; Rembrandt van Rijn; Pieter de Hoogh; Caravaggio; Edouard Detaille; Frederick Remington; Gerry Embleton; Velasquez; Winslow Homer; Andrew Wyeth; Norman Rockwell; John Constable; Claude Monet; Edward Seago; Edward Wesson; Dennis and Julia Pannett; Mark Edwards; Montague Dawson; David Curtis; Edward Denton; Dennis Hughes; Trevor Chamberlain; Michael Tilling; John Blockley; Terence Cuneo; David Shepherd; Fred Cuming and Ron Ranson (who can teach many of us a thing or two about simplification and getting to that point where you just leave the damn thing alone!). Exhaustive as it may seem to be, this is not a complete list. Art is not so much 'what I like' as 'what I know' (or what I can remember), and there are certainly many more great painters who should (and could), be included here.

Personal philosophy? Painting is neither an 'art' nor a 'profession', but a 'craft' to be learned and a 'trade' followed. It's hard work, progress is often through a series of 'happy accidents' (or mistakes!), and there is always somebody whose work is better than yours. For all you aspirant painters, don't be discouraged, look and learn. The above list would be a good start.

I hope you enjoy this site and please feel free to mail your comments (good and bad but, hopefully, constructive). I shall be including new work from time to time, so please add it to your 'favourites' and visit frequently.

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