Nevern and the church of St Brynach

Nevern is a quiet but very popular little hamlet in the Presseli's Pembrokeshire between Newport and Cardigan and is well worth a visit when you are in the area. The church is in a secluded and very peaceful valley with one public house that boasts a good menu,there are only a few houses and so the hostlery is a favourite with visitors. The picture below is taken from the road, turn left here and it takes you to the cottages,turn right and you will go out west to the coast


At the entrance to the church you will see the huge Celtic cross, the total height of this wonderful specimen is 13 feet and although it is said to be around ten centuries old it is in wonderful condition


Below is the view looking towards the east and the Nave

the nave

Below, the unusual row of five seats each with its ornate style especially the center one, there are two such seats, one on either side of the church, the five seats are joined together.

unusual seats


The two hassock's, or kneeling cushions shown here are just two examples of the large number made by the ladies of the church. They are all designed around the motifs found on the Celtic Cross and some motifs found in the church itself.

When we go outside we see before us the ancient Yew trees and some people believe that any photographs taken will not turn out. This of course is one of those stories that we hear very often

yew tree

The picture below is of the church taken from the east, the situation of the church practically hidden by the trees makes it difficult to take photographs of the complete building.

View from East

As one walks around the churchyard a version of the celtic cross seems prevalent, as is shown in the picture of the gravestone shown below.

memorial stone


The original burial ground around the church was full and in 1932 a new burial ground was opened just across the road from the church and to comemorate the opening the cross shown here was erected.

When we return to the road we see the Mounting block Below, this is only one of two left in Pembrokeshire.The mounting block was the means for the church members at that time who more often than not travelled to and from church on horseback to mount and dismount from their horses or carriages as the case may be.I would quote a little story that I came across in a booklet I bought at the church. it tells of a custom for newlyweds to ride away on one horse pursued by mounted guests, on one occasion when the Bride tore her dress during the getaway her husband said to her. "Madam rend your heart but not your garments"

Mounting Block

I Hope you enjoyed some of the photo's from Nevern In West Wales, And I hope you will look in again some time to see some more.


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