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Mwnt and it's church.


Mwnt is only a short distance up the coast from Cardigan and those few miles are well worth the time it takes if it is only to see the lovely old Church and the beautiful views.

Mwnt Church

See the church above and wonder, because it is said that that a church has stood on this site since the 6th century sheltered from the Irish sea and its gales by the 250ft high hill.On its peak there once stood a great stone cross,It was a resting place for pilgrims as they made their way to to the shrine at St Davids, on the right of the picture we can see the north side of Cardigan bay.


In the picture above we can see the hill exposed to the elements whilst sheltering the church.The church was built in the 13th or 14th century.

The Altar

The above picture is looking east towards the alter, a small window on the north side facing the sea has been walled in,. this window possibly gave sight of the altar to lepers and suchlike people who were unable to go inside and share in the communion.

The Slate Altar

The above shows the altar that is all slate and looks really nice, It is the only slate one I have seen..

One face

Rood Screen

The two pictures above are of lengths of carved wood taken from what was known as The Rood screen, a partion between the nave and the chancel, notice how clear the carving of the head appears in the top picture, it is believed that there were more figures. In the lower picture we can see the opening to what was once the stairway.

roof joists

the picture of the roof joists above shows us how skilled the workmen must have been, given the limited type of tools they had at their disposal.

Preselau stone font

The font above is made of Preselau(Preseli) stone and is also dated around the 13th or 14th century.

Cardigan Island

The view above is looking west from outside the church, in the distance you can see Cardigan Island.

mwnt bay

The bay above is very nice and sheltered dependant of course on the wind direction , not very large but very popular.

The other half

Below is the other half of the beach, There is quite a drop from the road to the beach but steps are in place to aid in the descent and ascent from the large car park.


In the Picture above we can see someone fishing off the rock, if you are tempted be very careful how you go.

Car park wall

Notice the wall in the picture above where the stones are all oblong in shape and instead of laying them horisontally they have been laid vertically. this type of walling is very common in this part of Wales. Services are still held in this Church.

I hope that you have seen something of interest to you in these pictures, if so ,why not drop me a line and tell me what you think.


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