Cardigan Town

Cardigan is a lovely little market town at the mouth of the river Teifi and was once one of the busiest ports in Wales with a good trade in exporting slate etc and importing coal,the road going off to the right in the picture below is Station Road and leads us to the old Cardigan railway station also the cattle market, the railway track that served this station was lovingly known as the Cardi Bach, it is now a lovely walkway alongside the estuary where many different kinds of sea birds and wild life can be seen.

Bridge End

Below we see the old railway station, the people of Cardigan fought hard and long to get the railway there and after a lot of discusion about who was going to pay for it and what route it would take it finally arrived, but when the estuary silted up and the shiping trade went it was inevitable that the railway's days were numbered.

old station

Cross the bridge and we can see the castle wall being well suported by the steel girders as shown in the picture below, there are four of these at this point.

castle wall

If we turn left and a little further along on the right we will see the plaque to comemorate the first National Eisteddfod of Wales this was held in Cardigan in 1167. Below we see the plaque in welsh with the english translation below.

Eisteddfod site

From here if we look back across the water we can see below one of the many old warehouses that stood along that bank, this is now the Cardigan Heritage Museum but it was originally a warehouse on the Teifi wharf and built around 1745 it was used as a granary and the top floor was a sail loft, behind this building there were some lime kilns.

heritage center

below we have a view of the bridge we have just crossed , taken I believe from where the original bridge stood, Just beyond the bridge we can see the Cardigan Heritage center and on the right stands the castle wall,The houses high on the hill are on the St Dogmaels side of the teifi (the South Side)

The Teify Bridge

From the castle wall we go up the hill and turn left down Quay Road and right into Mwldan,below we see the narrow road with the stream on the left,During the prosperous years in Cardigan the mwldan stream made it possible for ships to go along at high tide to the various ship repair shops and warehouses and it was traversed by a drawbridge, this was the site of the original bridge

The Mwldan

Below we see the narrow road that skirts the old town wall.

narrow road

Below is the Mwldan Theatre, the busines run on this site prior to the theater was the slaughter house built in1858 it was before that the site of the Cardigan Poor houses.

Theatre Mwldan


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