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Updated July 2005

Recently we added one new member to the fold - hello Martian203 and a few new links to delight you with:

Mark Prindle's irreverant album reviews are completely unlike any other on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter. He shows no regard for his audience or his subject - ergo totally refreshing reading. As somebody remarked, he employs a revolutionary new technique for making them seem like they are not like reviews. His taste is fabulously eclectic - anybody who can give equal space to such artistry as the Monkees, Turtles, Tenacious D, Metallica & John Cougar Mellencamp has got to be read.

This magazine is so damn yummy. It's like gorging yourself on a huge bar of chocolate every two months. So sumptious and beautiful is each edition, you'll be glad it doesn't come out any more regularly. Nothing less than a subscription can really satisfy the slave to pop that so many of us are, but the on-line version features a few taster articles and reviews from each curent issue. However to spice things up a bit, there are some Web Exclusives which you won't find anywhere else.

Concentrating on classic powerpop albums and vinyl releases that have yet to see CD release, this site is set to be a mine of fascinating and enriching information.

Shame - these archives seem to have disappeared, although the group itself is still very much active. Find it through Yahoogroups. The fab audities end of year lists are documented and illustrated here.

To fans of 70's/80's Power Pop and anglophillia, period, Trouser Press (TP) will already be well known via the fab magazine that ran for a ten year period from the mid 70's on. Luckily it didn't stop there. Editor Ira Robbins revived the brand name and TP became the most essential "bible" for fans of indie and alt music. The reviews are spot on and the on-line version is every bit as good as the written volumes. Before you buy it, check it out at Trouser Press.

The Greatest Power Pop Singers article will be ready soon - honest!
Any old news? the Power Pop Archives are here

Nothing to do with Power Pop per se, this feature focuses on the great Rock Samplers of late 1960's / Early 70's where the choicest cuts of almost every alternative artist was aired on showcase albums.

The items featured here are mainly British in origin, though many variations and exclusives sets were issued in Europe and the US. Why are they so sifnificant? They were the forerunner to MP3's,
in that they were cheap and accessable and allowed you to 'sample' the pioneering wares of each record company. A feature sadly missing from today's record business, where they couldn't give a rat's ass about nuturing fine, new talent. Viva la revolution:


British Psychedelia
Liberty / United Artists
Warner Bros / Reprise

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 Suggestions for Questions for the Members Lists
What's It All About

During the time that the Powerpop group were riding the crest of the wave we canvased suggestions from various people about future questions we could run for our listings. We've dispensed with consensus, cos we know we can rarely achive that! So we'll settle for whichever ones individual may fancy from the following:

1. First 6 albums you bought - this should be fun!

2. First concert(s) you saw?

3. 6 Favorite PP cover versions?

4. 6 Favorite non-PP cover versions (yes this was an afterthought!)?

5. Favorite album artwork?

6. Favorite band names?

7. Brushes (encounters?) with powerpop artists?

8. Homegrown Artists - country or locality to be established?

9. Guilty Pleasures, non-pp artists you like, but only secretly, maybe??

10. Poll all group members for the 10/20 best PP albums from the 60's 70's 80's 90's and 2000's to produce a definitive list for the site for each era?

11. 6 songs or albums by non-PP artists that could mistaken for PP on a dark night!?

12. Your next 6 essential albums?

  13. 6 albums in your collection you wish you hadn't got - or 6 embarrassing albums your wife or girlfriend has you wish she hadn't?

14. 6 Non-PP artists or albums you love, that everyone should know about?

15. 6 you love to hate. The 6 worst albums / artists of all time in your opinion?

16. Artists who let you down. You're a big fan then suddenly your fave band(s) brings out a stinker. The 6 worst follow up albums?

17. Your 6 favorite PP singles regardless of whether they appear on an album?

18. Everyone chooses a different artist and discuss your six favorite albums by that artist or band.

19. 6 favorite compilation albums, eg Nuggets, Boston Incest etc?

20. 6 favorite soundtrack albums?

21. Pick a year, discuss your favorite albums from that year?

22. 6 fave all female or female led PP bands.

23. 6 diamonds in the rough - amazing tracks that are the only saving grace of really bad albums.

I'm sure there's loads more - feel free to suggest away and I'll add them here.

  CHATROOM: A long time ago we hijacked a chatroom at multicity.com, I suppose we could have started our own, but we never did, so thanks to 60's Revolution Rock people for allowing us to contiue to use their facillites. It's a Real Time Chat and should you want to have a good old chin-wag, you still can, even after 2 years+ - I know I was flabbergasted too!. Well now it's 4 years on and guess what? The chat room has disappeared - never mind we'll be back in some other form.
What's It All About?
This is the place where a group of like minded people generally wax lyrical about their favourite genre. We present our:


members listings
buyer guides
powerpop links
bulletin board
mp3 advice
rock samplers & pschye
and much, much more.

However. like all things, the web site is constantly evolving & is now taking other genres - the first of these is the Rock Samplers phenomenon (See above)

Power Pop CD Sale

I have a few duplicate CD's for sale or swap. Email me if interested:

Baby Lemonade - 68% Pure
Ed Ball - If A Man Ever Loved A Woman (Creation)
Biff Bang Pow - L'amour
Biff Bang Pow - Sad Girl
Chris Stamey - Fireworks
Chris Stamey - It's A Wonderful Life
Pete Thompson
- House Fire
Red Kross - Show World
Tommy Keene
- 10 Yrs After
Uncle Green - Bad Thoughts
Various - Shoeshine Chartbusters

With more items to follow shortly.


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