USUALLY 2nd FRIDAY of each Month (except for August summer closure)

at the club house of the Blackwater Valley Golf Centre in Sean Deveraux Park GU46 7SZ

Doors open 8.00, starting time 8.30. Bar in the room. Musicians and audience welcome.

No admission charge, but voluntary collection taken.

Club President: Jean Burbidge


January 13 Featured guests - Stuart Tester and Mike Baker
We have featured Stuart in the past but it's been some time since we've had him as a guest. Great voice, lovely guitarist, interesting songs and supported by the 'people's guitarist' Mike Baker - what more could we ask for? A great way to welcome in the new year!

February 10 Sue Graves and friends
Sue, 'the Surrey Nightingale', is well known to Poppy regulars. Until recently she performed in Soirée, sadly now defunct. Presently she is involved with Suntrap. On this occasion she is bringing a selection of friends including Hector Gilchrist and Steve Poole (from Soirée) and Sara Byers and Mary Wilson (from Suntrap) plus John Tanner and Lynne Whiteland from (Tudor Lodge). This is a great chance to hear some old favourites and to welcome several new performers.

You can learn more about Sue and her friends by visiting the web-sites linked above.

March 10 Payne's People
The Payne's People evening has become a firm club favourite. Sherryl and Gary are excellent musicians in their own right and are members of various bands. On these evenings they invite other musicians to join them at times. This provides a wide range of musical styles and types of music - so come along and enjoy an evening of great and varied music.

April 7 (1st Friday) Two Coats Colder
This 4 piece band has played at the club twice in the past - and what brilliant evenings they gave us. Their musicianship is excellent and choice of material equally good. Some of their best songs have been written by members of the band and you will find yourself singing along with enthusiasm to many of the songs. A great evening is guaranteed!

May 12 Singers Evening
No guest tonight - so there are lots of chances for all our floor singers to do their thing!

June 16 Feature evening with guests Dave and Alison Fenner
Dave and Alison have been involved in the music scene for many years, playing with various bands, the most recent being 'Commonground'. After the duo performed recently as floor singers at the club, we are pleased that they have been able to accept our invitation to be with us this evening as featured guests.

Another date for your diaries: 23-25 June Boars Bridge Festival 2017


Unfortunately the room has been double-booked and is not available to us this Friday, nor is it available next Friday. So, with the summer break looming, sadly the next Poppy's evening will not be until September 8th. Hope to see you all back again then.

August closed

September 8 Feature evening with Russ Baleson

Russ is originally from S Africa but has spent many years in this country. Since discovering Poppy's about a year ago, he has become a regular and popular performer at the club. He is a fine guitarist with an interesting repertoire of songs, often enriched by the use of S African rhythms. During his set he will be joined by a couple of talented friends. Another Poppy's evening to look forward to!

October 13 Wildwood Jack

Wildwood Jack is an acoustic guitar and ukulele duo from Kent, Adam Piggott and Jayne Freeman. Musical influences include folk, country, bluegrass and world music. They spend a lot of time touring in the UK, Europe and New Zealand. It will be good to welcome this talented duo on their first visit to Poppy's.

November 10 Suntrap

This is a 4 piece folk inspired group comprising Sara Byers, Mary Wilson, John Sandall and new recruit Sue Graves. We had a chance to hear 3/4 of the band on 10 February, when we were bowled over by their musicianship and especially the beautiful harmonies. On this occasion we will have the full band - definitely an evening you won't want to miss!

December 8 Christmas party

There is no guest tonight - there are plenty of local performers who will want to participate this evening. We encourage songs/tunes to fit with the time of year, but it's not essential. A small contribution to the food table will be welcome.

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