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updated March 2021

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Synth diy  related sites    [not in any particular order ]
Asm 1 homepage ( moved )
Asm 1 Pcb's and other projects
The electronic Peasant

Tony Algood's site
Jim Patchell's site
Ken Stone's modular
  Batz Goodfortune site
Colin Fraser's site
Don Tillman's site
Ian Fritz Wind controllers
   Jorgen Bergfors new site
J├╝rgen Haible, Sadly no longer with us

  Magnus D's site
  Neil Johnson's page
Ken Macbeth's Site
 Roman S's new site  (corrected url)

Synth Diy, manuals / schematics
Digital Music Research Network
Dave Peachey's page ( Digisound 80 )
Colin Pykett ( Diy electronic Organ  and Pipe Organ info )

 synth related items

Anders site CAG  ( new location )
ARP tech
Italian synth modular
Synthesis technology , Cem ic data
Fenix modular
Io tech analog page [ synth repairs in norway !]
Pierre G's site
Senso's pages , the last resort
Synthfool page, rip Kevin
Teisco synths
Modulus  info
leper's effect's schematics
Valve [ Tube ] synth site [Metasonics ]
Wiard modulars

Other Music people / manuals and repair info
Captain Foldback's page [Hammond and Leslie info ]
Mark Glinsky's Manual  manor
Synth Museum  Audio playground
Peterson Tuners
Wendy Carlos

 more general ? musical items

Fender Amp Field guide
Fender amp schematics
Computer Music Journal
Hammond Organ web ring
CS Levine's web site
Arthur Harrison's Theremin page diy
Theremin list
Hovercraft Mellotron samples
 Keyboard Temperament calculator
Guitar effects orientated page
Hammond Novachord site
Jazzware sequencer
Ondes Marten  site
Synth museum on line
Minidisk info site
Mita techicians
Electronic Organ constructor's society
Raymond Scott  site

email lists related to synthesizer / keyboards / music
Digital hell list
Analogue heaven
Hammond organ list
Synth diy list
PPG list   [follow link ]
Harpsichord list
British Harpsichord Society
Pipe Organ list
Pipe Organ construction list
Electronic Organ list
Organ stop reference
Theatre organ list

British  Harpsichord list

links to pcb design software and manufacturers
Protel and freeware version of Easytrax
Eagle software    [win 95 and linux ]
gEDA tools
Linear Technology LTspice
Pcb pool [pcb mnufacturers ]
GS-electronik  [ pcb manufacturers ]
Olimex   [pcb manufacturers]
traxmaker ( now Altium )
Vutrax   [ win and Linux ]
Schaeffer    [ front panel designer software and manufacturing company ]

Well PCB ( list / comparison of various design tools )

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changes to page in 2021 a couple of links added
changes to page in March 2017. a few outdated links removed.

changes in 2011 a couple of old links updated

changes in 2014 links in the process of being checked.