Guitar / Bass Amplifiers we have worked on include:

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There are two main types of amplifiers, valve and transistor .They both have their advantages and disadvantages .Valve amps such as Marshall, Peavey, and Vox are often favoured by some guitarists for their character of sound. They do need regular servicing or check ups, and the valves may need changing from time to time. When changing the output valves it is important to check that the bias is set up correctly for the new valves. For one good book on valve amps (that's "tube" amps to Americans!) I suggest you try:

The Tube Amp Book
By Aspen
Published by Pitman

In the USA try:
Groove Tubes
12866 Foothill Blvd
CA 91342
Tel.818 361 4500
Fax.818 365 9884
Groove tube site

Transistor amplifiers have longer life if they are well designed, are more robust if looked after but don't quite have the same sound.

For some more info you could try

Dr tube.com


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