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Population Pyramids

Although Excel does not have a built-in population pyramid chart type it can be done...


Create a population pyramid from this data:

Age Group (years) Males(%) Females(%)
0-9 10 7
10-19 7 5
20-29 6 4
30-39 13 12
40-49 8 9
50-59 7 5
60-69 3 4

Step 1

Enter the data into Excel.

Note: We have to enter the first data series as negative numbers.

data in Excel

Step 2

Select the data and start the Chart Wizard.

chart wizard

Step 3

Select 'Bar' as the chart type and 'Stacked Bar' as the sub-type. Click on the sample button; it should already look a bit like a population pyramid. Click 'Finish' and admire your chart:

stacked bar chart

Step 4

We don't want gaps between the bars, so double click on one of the bars on the left to bring up the 'Format Data Series' control.

Go to the 'Options' tab and reduce the gap width to 0. Go to the 'Patterns' tab to change the bar colour. Click 'OK' to see your changes.

gap width = 0

Step 5

We don't want the bottom scale to show as negative numbers. Double click on one of the numbers on the bottom scale, go to the 'Number' tab. Reduce the 'Decimal Places' to 0 and select 'Number' as the category and the red '1234' for negative numbers.

Some more tweaking and your chart is done:

final pyramid
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