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Excel can also do pictograms, although it is a little more complicated. 


Create a pictogram from this data:

City Mean hours of sunshine in June
Alphaville 7
Betatown 10
Gammaby 6
Fineborough 2

Step 1

Make sure that you have the picture you are going to use already saved in a place that can be easily accessed. It should be simple and preferably in a vector format, such as WMF.


Step 2

Enter the data into Excel.

data in Excel

Step 3

Select the data and start the Chart Wizard.

select data

Step 4

Choose 'Bar' as the chart type and 'Clustered Bar' as the sub-type then click 'Next', then 'Finish'.

clustered bar chart

Step 5

You now have a bar chart.

bar chart

We need to turn it into a pictogram. Double-click on one of the bars. You should see the 'Format Data Series' box. Make sure the 'Patterns' tab is showing and click on 'Fill Effects...'.

fill effects

Step 6

Go to the 'Picture' tab and click 'Select Picture...'

select picture

Locate the picture you want and click 'Insert'.

Step 7

In the 'Format' section make sure that 'Stack and scale to:' is selected and, since we want each picture to stand for 2 hours, enter 2 for 'Units/Picture'.


Step 8

Click on 'OK' twice and admire your pictogram.


We can make it look better with a bit of tweaking...

Step 9

The grey background doesn't look too good, so double-click on the grey background to bring up the 'Format Plot Area' box. In the 'Area' section select 'None' and click 'OK'.

Step 10

We want to get rid of the grid lines so click on one of the grid lines so they are selected, then right-click and select 'Clear'.


Step 11

We want to have a proper key, so right-click on a blank area of the chart and select 'Source Data...' Go to the 'Series' tab and change the Name to ="= 2 hours".

source data / series / name

Click on 'OK' to confirm your choice.

Step 12

Finally we want to have a proper title. Right-click on a blank area of the chart and select 'Chart Options...'

chart title

On the 'Titles' tab change the chart title to something suitable. Press 'OK' to complete your chart.

final pictogram
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