North Staffs Moorlands - LDS Family Search Batch Nos

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To use the batch numbers go to the IGI section of the Family Search Website, and put in a surname to search for. Do not enter a first name. Select "British Isles", "England" and "Staffordshire" and a date range if required. At the bottom of the search table, enter in the Batch Number, and start the search. The search can be narrowed down by entering the names of parents. Batch Numbers starting with C are baptisms, M for Marriages.

Alstonfield ..447778 & 456597
Alton ...........C032162
Butterton ... C048432
Ecton ......... 88642
Ellastone ... M010102

Grindon .... M096711
Ipstones ... M096841
Mayfield .. C039361
Waterfall.. C045881
Wetton .... J044052