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Booklets on England and Wales Birth, Marriage
and Death Certificates

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New Publications

The author has published two guides for Family Historians.

The first one is entitled 'Birth and Death Certificates - England and Wales 1837 to 1969'. (1999)

As on the website, this goes through the certificates column by column giving the variations that might be found and illustrated with certificate examples. It is a fuller and more elaborate version than the website. This is an invaluable reference for family historians trying to trace their English and Welsh ancestors.


The second one is entitled "Marriages and Certificates". (April 2000)

Again, the booklet takes you through the certificates column by column, but also gives a brief history of marriage registration which is relevant to the many complex variations that can be found today. There is a sizeable section on searching the indexes with some of the pitfalls and problems explained.

Each publication is available for 5 pounds (sterling) + postage (50 pence within the UK, 1 pound international) from
12 High Trace
North Yorkshire,
DL6 1BG.


For a single booklet - If you are in the UK send a cheque for 4.50 pounds payable to Barbara Dixon
If you are overseas (USA, Autralia etc.) send a cheque payable in pounds sterling for 5 pounds to Barbara Dixon.

For both booklets please send 8.75p.

Family History and Genealogical Societies in the United Kingom and other countries that wish to distribute the publications for commission are welcome to contact the author.

The author, Barbara Dixon , can be emailed

This web page was created by our son James Dixon and is now maintained by John & Barbara

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