The Quick Programming Language
(English Language Version 2.2)

QUICK is a programming language for the Atari XL/XE. It is an extremely powerful language, which allows direct use of the Atari's unique features. QUICK is a very structured language, and looks a little like C, PASCAL, and BASIC. QUICK has built-in functions to: play digitized sounds, move player/missile graphics, handle Blitter, utilize an ST mouse, and more!

QUICK's absolutely unique features also includes the handling of interrupts. You can create both DLIs and VBIs, but you write them as normal procedures in QUICK statements, NOT machine code. No more machine code blues! If you want to use machine code, then that's no problem. You can write machine code directly into your QUICK program.
QUICK is easily expandable by the use of libraries. These are like .H files if you are familiar with C. They contain special extra functions. Four of these are included for: handling graphics, advanced string handling, handling floating point numbers, and a numerical library for things like cos and sine. QUICK has a built-in text editor which is very easy to use. RAMDISKs are also supported, so you can compile from RAM for amazing speed. QUICK programs are turned into machine code .OBJ files for running from DOS. QUICK is not required to run these programs, so you can distribute your own software freely.

QUICK is supplied as a SS/SD ATR disk image with the compiler/editor, 4 libraries, and lots of demo programs to look at. You also get a comprehensive manual in PDF format. English language versions 2.2 and 2.1 are both supplied, allowing for backwards compatibility with older Quick source code.

The QUICK Support Disk 1 is the first of a series of "support disks" for QUICK. This first support disk is packed with tutorials, demo programs, source code, and extra libraries. Here's what's on this double-sided medium density ATR disk image:
The QUICK Support Disk 2 is the second support disk for QUICK users, and contains more tutorials, example code, and new libraries. This one contains:
All this comes as a DS/SD ATR disk image. The tutorial files can be viewed and printed (on Epson and Atari printers) directly from the menu on the disk. A joystick is required to select items from the disk menu. The software is supplied in ATR format for use with many readily available PC Atari XL/XE emulators (many of which are free and available on the internet), and the APE/Prosystem/SIO2PC system.

The Quick package (main system and the two support disks) will be sent to you electronically as a ZIP file by email within 24 hours of you ordering (usually a lot less). Note that no physical product will be sent to you, only the ZIP file.

Note that this is the only legal way of buying Quick, and the only way you'll get the user guides/manuals.

The cost of this package, containing Quick and the two support disks, is just US$5 (for electronic delivery by email).

Also available for those wanting everything we sell (including the Quick package), is the full DGS Software pack for US$7. Information and ordering for this product can be found here: DGS Software Pack

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Quick does not run on the relatively rare 1200XL model. It does run fine in all PC emulators.

The products are offered without support, but are all mature versions and have no known problems.