Atari 8-bit Software Pack
Commercial Software Collection

This is a software pack comprising commercial software for the Atari XL/XE range of computers published by DGS in the UK, PPP of Germany, and Rambit UK. The software is supplied in both DCM (Disk Communicator) format for transferring to and running on the original Atari computers (extra software or hardware required to do this, most of which is available free on the internet), and ATR format for use with many readily available PC Atari XL/XE emulators, some of which are free and available on the internet.

The pack will be sent to you electronically as a ZIP file by a secure file transfer service for you to download. The size of the ZIP file is around 53Mb. Note that no physical product will be sent to you, only the ZIP file.

Note that this pack is the only legal way of buying this software, and the only way you'll get the user guides/manuals.

A PDF file containing all the information about the package, along with extra screen shots, can be viewed/downloaded by clicking the PDF logo below. A video showcase of the software in the package can also be viewed below.

Package Information Sheet (PDF) Video showcase of the Software Pack

The pack contains (please see the PDF Information Sheet above for full info and screen shots):
All products (except the News-Disk/Paper mags and Yearly Disk) come complete with full manuals which are scans of the originals, or newly edited versions. They are supplied in the pack in PDF format (the Adobe Acrobat Reader is required, free from Adobe). Print-Filer has the original on-disk manual. Manuals are in English only.

The PPP products are the International English versions, which vary slightly in content from the German versions. They also have the re-worked English manuals.
The cost of this pack, containing all the products listed above, is just US$7 (for electronic delivery by secure file transfer service).

You can order this pack right now using your Credit/Debit/Charge Card using PayPal. Simply Click the 'Buy Now' button below. You will be transferred over to PayPal to complete the order process. The same price applies to all countries. It's easier to quote in a single currency than try and convert it to £/€ etc.

To order this pack (ZIP file sent electronically to you) for US$7, click this button:


Note again that no physical product will be shipped to you. The ZIP file containing all the software listed above will be sent to you via a file transfer service for you to download. An email will be sent from them with a link for you to download the pack, and I will also send a separate email informing you that it has been sent and to keep an eye out for it. Please note also that sometimes the email from WeTransfer and myself may go into your 'spam' folder, so please check in there if the emails don't seem to have arrived.

The PPP products (everything except Digi-Studio, the magazines, Print-Filer and the PD disks) do not run on the relatively rare 1200XL model. They do run fine in all PC emulators. The Digi-Studio package may not run on all emulators, but does run fine on all original Atari XL/XE machines.

The products are offered without support, but are all mature versions and have no known problems.