British Grand Prix, Silverstone, 1965 . . . .

Alas all of these colour slides have deteriorated with age. Some I have been able to rescue
[would we had had modern technology when I was at art college around the time these were taken!]
but some are beyond me, notably the shot of the BRMs. Still, an imperfect image is better than nothing :-)

On the way in, we came across this Lotus 33 sitting unattended on a trailer.
According to Motor Sport, car 77 was practiced by both Jim Clark and Mike Spence on the Friday.

Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart demonstrating the Rover BRM turbine car that they had run successfully at Le Mans a few weeks before.


Jim Clark preparing for an interview for television before the start - the interviewer being Tony Brooks.


The BRMs are wheeled out onto the grid, Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart accompanying the mechanics.


The run up from dummy grid to starting grid, following the man with the flag. Jackie Stewart is off camera to the right in fourth.
Guess who was on pole! Clark, Hill and Hulme haven't yet donned their goggles, very cool.


The start!
Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Ritchie Ginther's nose, with John Surtees in close company.


The winner! [once again guess who!] Fortuitous shot between spectators leaping to their feet.
For afficionados, note the nose of Hill's rapidly closing BRM emerging in the background.


The winner's parade, on the rear of a lorry. Note the very impressive driver's and constructor's trophies!
And Jim's trendy jumper! Still, Colin Chapman looks well pleased.