Monaco Grand Prix Sounds - 1968

I've now converted these to mp3 format to save space, and added a longer tape of the final laps. They are mono (like the tape recorder was in those days!). I was sitting halfway up the hill from Ste Devote, so you hear them accelerate away from the start, round Ste Devote and then pass by as they go up the hill.

Monaco1.mp3 has the cars going by in a pack on the first lap from a standing start.
Monaco2.mp3 covers the cars passing on lap 2.
Monaco3.mp3 covers the final laps [details below]
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For those who like to identify the carsounds: The order on lap 2 was:
1.   Johnny Servoz-Gavin   (Matra-Ford V8)
2.   Graham Hill   (Lotus-Ford V8)
3.   Jo Siffert   (Lotus-Ford V8)
4.   John Surtees   (Honda V12)
5.   Jochen Rindt   (Brabham-Repco V8)
6.   Richard Attwood   (BRM V12)
7.   Pedro Rodriguez   (BRM V12)
8.   J-P Beltoise   (Matra-Matra V12)
9.   Jack Brabham   (Brabham-Repco V8)
10.   Piers Courage   (BRM V12)
11.   Ludovico Scarfiotti   (Cooper-BRM V12)
12.   Dan Gurney   (Eagle-Weslake V12).
13.   Denny Hulme   (McLaren-Ford V8).
14.   Lucien Bianchi   (Cooper-BRM V12).

There are 2 cars less than on lap 1, as Bruce McLaren (McLaren) and Jackie Oliver (Lotus) crashed out during the lap.

Monaco3.mp3 is the last 3 laps of the race ending with 1st and 2nd cruising by after the finish. There were only 5 cars running by then. As well as the cars coming past up the hill you can also hear them accelerating away along the harbour to the old Gasworks hairpin. With so few cars you get a good idea of the ambient sounds of being at the race. The finishing order was:

1st: Graham Hill   (Lotus-Ford V8) - 80 laps
2nd: Richard Attwood   (BRM V12) -2.2 seconds
3rd: Lucien Bianchi   (Cooper-BRM V12) -4 laps
4th: Ludovico Scarfiotti   (Cooper-BRM V12) -4 laps
5th: Denny Hulme   (McLaren-Ford V8) -7 laps

The 3 cars running quite close together on the tape are Hulme, Hill and Attwood in that order. Attwood set a new lap record of 1m 28.1 on the last lap trying to close on Graham Hill. Hill and Attwood cruise by after the finish at the end of the recording.

If you're wondering who Johnny Servoz-Gavin was, he was a relatively unknown driver standing in for the injured Jackie Stewart, and did a sterling job getting pole and leading the first few laps until he retired as a result of clouting a barrier on lap one. A promising Grand Prix career beckoned, but an unrelated eye injury caused his retirement soon after.

There were no Ferraris at Monaco in 1968. No official reason was given, but it was thought that they were loth to return after Bandini's fatal accident there the year before.