New Alternative 'ingame' screens for GPL, using my own photos:

Single Race ScreenTraining ScreenRace Weekend Screen

Car Setup Screens

Alternative intro screens for GPL.

The pictures are scanned from old books.
The BRM H16 picture is from 1966, which is why Graham Hill is at the wheel.

Click on any picture to download it's zip file. There's a readme telling
how to insert it. Files are approx 200 - 300kb.

And two more using paintings:

And now an exit screen:

Any of the intro screens can be used as an exit screen by renaming the file as 'creditbk.pbf',
(in the same gpl/layouts folder). They won't have the widescreen effect so the credits will
appear in 'mid-air' as it were, but they work fine. This is one of my own pictures from 1966
(Jochen Rindt in the Cooper Maserati at the Tabac)