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My name is David Ford and I live at Beckenham in Kent UK. I am 66 years old and retired from my job as a Senior Electrical Engineer in the Offshore and Petrochemical industry in July 2000.

I had worked in Petrochemical Engineering for over 40 years since leaving school in 1958. Initially serving an apprenticeship with Humphreys and Glasgow Ltd, a privately owned company with offices near Victoria Station in London.

I began work in the drawing office and progressed from draughtsman to electrical drawing office supervisor and finally senior engineer.

I have worked for several different companies during my career, spending my last working years with Kvaerner Oil & Gas in Croydon.

The following pages convey some impressions relating to my job and where I live. Some recommendations on places worth visiting in the locality can be found on my Gardens to Go site, also see links at the bottom of this page..

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Home Page and I hope that you found something to interest you, especially if you have worked in the Petrochemical industry or perhaps even lived in Beckenham.

Best Wishes
David Ford

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Interests & Hobbies

Having now retired with greatly increased leisure time, I have been able to expand my activities.

Initially after retiring redecorating the home was a priority, as this had been delayed for some time. My present hobbies include digital photography, holidays, reading, days out, a limited amount of gardening and the home computer.

More recently I have bought a bicycle and taken up cycling again after an interval of almost 40 years. Cycling is much more enjoyable when it is for pleasure and not an essential means of commuting. Also a selection of 21 gears means that even steep hills are not too much of a struggle.

My brother introduced me to building websites which I find very absorbing. As well as this home page I am also constructing three other sites called "Gardens to Go", "A Personal Tour of Yorkshire" and "Places to Go in London and the UK". My skills are still improving and it is fun trying to put something together, although I am afraid that the new "Flash" technology is still a bit beyond me. It is an ideal activity for a wet day and there are usually plenty of those. Images of my other sites are displayed below and include a link should you wish to visit..

Link to Gardens-to-Go
Gardens to Go
Link to "A Personal Tour of Yokshire"
A Personal Tour of Yorkshire
Link to "Places to Go" site
Places to Go