Robert Gilbourne

Birth: 8 May 1871 Brinsley, Nottinghamshire
Father: Robert GILBOURNE (ca1837-1881)
Mother: Sarah WARDLE (1842 - ca Aug 1923)
Spouse: Martha REEVE
Marriage: 9 Nov 1895, Independent Chapel, Ilkeston.
Death: 30 Apr 1958 Brinsley, Nottinghamshire


When Robert's father died in 1881, he and elder brother James became the family breadwinners at the ages of 10 and 12 respectively. At the time, James was in Tottenham, London, a general servant to Charles E.T. Roberts, Chaplain Curate to the Bishop of Bedford. It is not clear exactly when James returned to Brinsley, but in the 1891 census he was shown as working in the mines there.

Robert's mother was clearly a strong character, because she allegedly would not let Robert marry because of family circumstances. It was not until 1895, when he was 24 years old that he married Martha. By this time they had had the first two of their 13 children, all but one of whom survived until marriage. (James also did not marry until he was almost 24.)

Robert worked in Brinsley pit, becoming the mine deputy.

One of his hobbies was photography, but although two of his cameras have survived unfortunately very few of his pictures have. Some of those few can be seen on this site. He was also a regular pall bearer at funerals, keeping a suit and pair of white gloves especially for the occasion.


GRO Birth Index: Basford 7b 91 Jun 1871  
GRO Marriage Index: Basford Dec 1895 7b 407  
GRO Death Index: Basford Jun 1958 3c 65  
1871 Census: Main St., Brinsley RG10/3478/70/38
1881 Census: Old Brinsley RG11/3322/92/48
1891 Census: Old Brinsley RG12/2661/4/2
1901 Census: Old Brinsley RG13/3143/40/114
1911 Census: Old Brinsley, Notts.  


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