Gilbourne in Dublin and Co. Laois

Heads of Trees gathered in this group:
IdentifierSurnameForenamesGilbourne CountNotes
 6GILBORNEThomas & Margaret VICARS 47m. Ireland ca 1706. Son Edward d. Co. Laois 1759
 6bGILBOURNEWilliam & Ann ?12Leased land in Ballylusk townland, Co. Laois 1757
 6cGILBORNEJames & Mary SENIOR15m. Co Laois 1793;
 6dGILBURNEWilliam & Jane HARRIS8b. ca 1788; Children Co. Laois 1825-1829. England 1851; Son m. Co. Laois 1867; QLD, Australia 1874
 6eGILBORNEWilliam & Hannah HARRIS39Children b.1824-1838 Family N.Y. ca 1846
 6fGILBORNEJames & Jane ? 39Children b. Co. Laois 1818-1831. d. Otsego Co., N.Y. 1848
 6gGILBOURNEEdward & Susanna POWER2m.1786 (Dublin?)
 6hGILBORNEJohn Davis & Ann ?2Only known child 1815, Dublin
 6jGILBORNEArthur James & Mary Ann MYTTON17m. Offerlane 1831
 6bGILBOURNHenry & Margaret McEVOY 31st known child ca 1846, Co. Laois
 6lGILBORNEWilliam & Emily ?3Child Dublin 1823
 6mGILBOURNEWilliam & Adelia Townsley2b. Ireland ca 1807; Schoharie Co., N.Y. (1850)
 6nGILBOURNEEdward & Jane ?3b.Ireland ca 1811; Saratoga Co., N.Y. (1850)
 6oGILBORNEFrances & Robert GARRETT 1m. 1834 Ballyfin
 6pGILBORNEJoanna & James Lyons 1m. 1798 Dublin

William Gilbourne and (1)Adelia Townsley, (2)Eliza ?

William is found in the United States 1850 census in the town of Sharon, Scoharie County, N.Y., with his wife Eliza and daughter Mary E., all recorded as born in Ireland. Subsequent state and national censuses howver showed that Mary was born in Schoharie County, and not in Ireland. A newspaper advertisement,( shown right), indicated that Mary was a beneficiary as next of kin to Margaret Townsley, of De Kalb, St. Lawrence County, N.Y. With Margaret Townsley beiing born in New York was not clear how Mary could be related. This led to the realisation that Eliza was William's second wife, and was not Mary's mother. Subsequently, the discovery of the burial of Adelia Gilbourne in Sharon led to the identification of Adelia Townsley, Margaret's daughter, as William Gilbourne's first wife, and her gravestone showed that she died in 1841. No record has been found of either of William's marriages.They were in the same place in 1855 and William was still working as a cooper but by 1860 had moved to neighbouring Montgomery Co., where he was a farmer in the town of Root.. In addition to daughter Mary there was now a 30 year old James Gilborne with them. James had recently marrried widow Pollyann Warner, and she and her children from her first marriage were shown on the neighbouring property.
It is tempting to think that William must be James' father, being 22 years oolder, but this is thought unlikley. We know that James had a sister Mary Ann (Tree 6e) and it is unlikely that William would have a daughter Mary E if he already had a daughter Mary A. It is highly likely though that William and James are related in some way, and this tree will then merge into Tree 6e.
In 1865 William and Eliza were back in Sharon. Daughter Mary was now married and had left home. This census tells us a great deal about William's farm. It comprised 46 improved acres and 8 unimproved. It was valued at $2000, with stock worth $200 and equipment worth $400. It lay to the North of the Great Western turnpike. His house was valued at $100 - one of the two lowest in the vicinity. Only 2 acres of his land were ploughed in 1864, but 7 in 1865. No land was lying fallow, and he had 10 acres of pasture (compared to 18 in 1864.) In both years 25 acres of meadow produced 20 tons of hay. He was not growing any wheat, barley or Indian corn, but had 2 acres of oats. 1 acre the previous year had produced 4 bushels of seed. 5 acres of buckwheat were sown for the first time in 1865. 1 acre of peas in 1864 had produced 4 bushels of crop, but none had been sown in 1865. He did not grow beans, turnips, flax, hemp, hops or tobacco. His 8 acre apple orchard produced 20 bushels of apples and 1 barrel of cider. He had 5 cows which had given him 1 calf in 1864 and 2 in 1865.He had 5 milch cows, down from 9 the previous year, when he had sold 1100 gallons of milk. He did not kill any cattle for beef, nor did he produce any butter. He had one horse and 9 pigs, of which 5 were killed, producing 800ibs of pork. He had no sheep, but kept poultry valued at $10, and sold $3 worth the previous year. He also sold eggs to the value of $10. He did not buy any fertiliser in 1864.
In 1870, at the age of 68, he had a farm labourer to help him. William died in1872 , though the exact date is unknown. Eliza lived with her daughter and son-in-law until her death sometime after 1884. They are buried in Leesville Cemetery, Sharon.

Mary E Gilbourne was born about 1839 in Sharon, Schoharie Co., N.Y. She was brought up by her father and step mother. The 1855 census tells us that she had lived in Sharon all her sixteen years. Her father had also lived there for 16 years, but her step-mother had been there for 30 years. However, besides being shown with her parents, she also seems to be the Mary Gilburn, 16 years old and born in Schoharie Co., who was listed with Edward and Susan Sayles in the town of Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., N.Y. No relationship is given for her, but Susan Sayles’ [Or Sales, Sale, Tree 6f] maiden name was Gilbourne, and must surely be related to Mary.
Mary was again shown with her parents in 1860, by when they had moved to Root, Montgomery Co., N.Y. Staying with them was 30 year old James Gilbourne. Although his descendants are well known, his relationship to Mary is unknown. Was she again shown twice in the census, being the 30 year old Mary Gilburn in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.?
Mary was bequeathed a share of the residual estate of her grandmother, Margaret Townsley, in 1863. The value, if any, of the bequest is unknown. She married farmer Leander Lehman about the same time and in 1865 they were in the town of Sharon, just a few places away from her parents. They had two children, 18 month old Ella and 4 month old Rozell. They also had a servant, 15 year old Emma Mereness, with them. It is not specified whether she was helping in the house or on the farm.
Her daughter Ella died in 1866 and no further children were born. In 1870 the family of three, with a farm labourer, were still in Sharon, where they remained all their lives. Leander's father, Peter, was next to them.
Following the death of Mary's father, they had her mother living with them from 1875 until her death. Rozell married in 1892 and he and his wife continued to live with Leander and Mary. In 1900 Mary was not present, and Leander was described as a widower. However, ten years later she was back in the household, and she and Leander stated they had been married for 47 years. It is not known where Mary had been in 1900 but she died in 1918 and was buried in Sharon Leesville Cemetery, where her husband had been buried five years earlier.