Gilbourne in Dublin and Co. Laois

Heads of Trees gathered in this group:
IdentifierSurnameForenamesGilbourne CountNotes
 6GILBORNEThomas & Margaret VICARS 47m. Ireland ca 1706. Son Edward d. Co. Laois 1759
 6bGILBOURNEWilliam & Ann ?12Leased land in Ballylusk townland, Co. Laois 1757
 6cGILBORNEJames & Mary SENIOR15m. Co Laois 1793;
 6dGILBURNEWilliam & Jane HARRIS8b. ca 1788; Children Co. Laois 1825-1829. England 1851; Son m. Co. Laois 1867; QLD, Australia 1874
 6eGILBORNEWilliam & Hannah HARRIS39Children b.1824-1838 Family N.Y. ca 1846
 6fGILBORNEJames & Jane ? 39Children b. Co. Laois 1818-1831. d. Otsego Co., N.Y. 1848
 6gGILBOURNEEdward & Susanna POWER2m.1786 (Dublin?)
 6hGILBORNEJohn Davis & Ann ?2Only known child 1815, Dublin
 6jGILBORNEArthur James & Mary Ann MYTTON17m. Offerlane 1831
 6bGILBOURNHenry & Margaret McEVOY 31st known child ca 1846, Co. Laois
 6lGILBORNEWilliam & Emily ?3Child Dublin 1823
 6mGILBOURNEWilliam & Adelia Townsley2b. Ireland ca 1807; Schoharie Co., N.Y. (1850)
 6nGILBOURNEEdward & Jane ?3b.Ireland ca 1811; Saratoga Co., N.Y. (1850)
 6oGILBORNEFrances & Robert GARRETT 1m. 1834 Ballyfin
 6pGILBORNEJoanna & James Lyons 1m. 1798 Dublin

William Gilborne and Emily ?

William and Emily baptised a son and daughter in St. Mary's, Dublin in 1823 and 1825. No further record of Charles Gilbourne has been found and he was probably the burial recorded as Charles B Gibbourne 5 May 1824 in St. Paul's, Dublin.


Unfortunatelly, with no additional information such as age or abode, we cannot be sure this is the same person.William is possible he of Abbey St., who was buried 11 Apr 1825 t St. Nicholas Without, Dublin, but once again, no age is given. No burial has been found for Emily.

Emily Selina married widower Francis Peter Travers 1 September 1856 in Dublin. They had twin sons, Arthur and Leonard, 14 March 1864, but Arthur died 16 July the same year and was buried in the Royal Chapel of Kingsend. Francis Travers died in 1882 and was buried in St. George's Church, Dublin 9 January. Emily Selina Travers was living at 78 Mount St. in Dublin when she died and was buried with her husband 19 July 1894. Her age in the burial register was given as 65, instead of the expected 69.