Gilbourne in Dublin and Co. Laois

Heads of Trees gathered in this group:
IdentifierSurnameForenamesGilbourne CountNotes
 6GILBORNEThomas & Margaret VICARS 47m. Ireland ca 1706. Son Edward d. Co. Laois 1759
 6bGILBOURNEWilliam & Ann ?12Leased land in Ballylusk townland, Co. Laois 1757
 6cGILBORNEJames & Mary SENIOR15m. Co Laois 1793;
 6dGILBURNEWilliam & Jane HARRIS8b. ca 1788; Children Co. Laois 1825-1829. England 1851; Son m. Co. Laois 1867; QLD, Australia 1874
 6eGILBORNEWilliam & Hannah HARRIS39Children b.1824-1838 Family N.Y. ca 1846
 6fGILBORNEJames & Jane ? 39Children b. Co. Laois 1818-1831. d. Otsego Co., N.Y. 1848
 6gGILBOURNEEdward & Susanna POWER2m.1786 (Dublin?)
 6hGILBORNEJohn Davis & Ann ?2Only known child 1815, Dublin
 6jGILBORNEArthur James & Mary Ann MYTTON17m. Offerlane 1831
 6bGILBOURNHenry & Margaret McEVOY 31st known child ca 1846, Co. Laois
 6lGILBORNEWilliam & Emily ?3Child Dublin 1823
 6mGILBOURNEWilliam & Adelia Townsley2b. Ireland ca 1807; Schoharie Co., N.Y. (1850)
 6nGILBOURNEEdward & Jane ?3b.Ireland ca 1811; Saratoga Co., N.Y. (1850)
 6oGILBORNEFrances & Robert GARRETT 1m. 1834 Ballyfin
 6pGILBORNEJoanna & James Lyons 1m. 1798 Dublin

(Arthur) James Gilbourne and Mary Ann Mytton

Arthur James Gilborne of Clonenagh married Mary Ann Mytton of Offerlane 26 July 1831 in Offerlane, Queen's County.
That is the only reference that has been found to him. It is possible he was known as James. No children of the couple have been identified for sure, and he is linked to the descendants shown here only because of the presence of Arthur James in the names.
Mary Ann is probably the Mary Anne Jilburnshown in Griffith's Valuation leasing from Michael Brophy a house, office and just over 2 acres of land in James Gilborne of Killanure married Matilda Parker of Cappa, Mountrath. 8 May 1889 at Roskelton Church in the parish of Clonenagh. It was the first marriage for both of them. It was only when his death was registered that it was known that his full name is Athur James. His father was also James Gilborne, a farmer. In 1901 James, Mary, and their children were at Mountainfarm, Offerlane, where James was a 60 year old agricultural labourer. He gave his birthplace as 'United States.'In 1911 they were at Tinneel, Rosenallis. He was now a general labourer, aged 72, but now gave his birthplace as 'Co. Tipperary.'. Mary was 17 years younger than her husband.
It would seem that James was not born in Co. Laois. Most of the Gilbourne events in Co. Tipperary were associated with the families from Co. Limerick, though with both Laois and Limerick adjoining Tipperary (see map) it is quite conceivable they could have come from either county. Why did he say he was born in the United States? Could that be correct? Did his parents emigrate when he was very young and he returned to Ireland, with or without his parents?
James died in Rosenallis 25 Apr 1922. Mary died in Mountrath 17 July 1929.