Gilbourne in Dublin and Co. Laois

Heads of Trees gathered in this group:
IdentifierSurnameForenamesGilbourne CountNotes
 6GILBORNEThomas & Margaret VICARS 47m. Ireland ca 1706. Son Edward d. Co. Laois 1759
 6bGILBOURNEWilliam & Ann ?12Leased land in Ballylusk townland, Co. Laois 1757
 6cGILBORNEJames & Mary SENIOR15m. Co Laois 1793;
 6dGILBURNEWilliam & Jane HARRIS8b. ca 1788; Children Co. Laois 1825-1829. England 1851; Son m. Co. Laois 1867; QLD, Australia 1874
 6eGILBORNEWilliam & Hannah HARRIS39Children b.1824-1838 Family N.Y. ca 1846
 6fGILBORNEJames & Jane ? 39Children b. Co. Laois 1818-1831. d. Otsego Co., N.Y. 1848
 6gGILBOURNEEdward & Susanna POWER2m.1786 (Dublin?)
 6hGILBORNEJohn Davis & Ann ?2Only known child 1815, Dublin
 6jGILBORNEArthur James & Mary Ann MYTTON17m. Offerlane 1831
 6bGILBOURNHenry & Margaret McEVOY 31st known child ca 1846, Co. Laois
 6lGILBORNEWilliam & Emily ?3Child Dublin 1823
 6mGILBOURNEWilliam & Adelia Townsley2b. Ireland ca 1807; Schoharie Co., N.Y. (1850)
 6nGILBOURNEEdward & Jane ?3b.Ireland ca 1811; Saratoga Co., N.Y. (1850)
 6oGILBORNEFrances & Robert GARRETT 1m. 1834 Ballyfin
 6pGILBORNEJoanna & James Lyons 1m. 1798 Dublin

William Gilburne & Jane Harris

Little is known of William and Jane. There are only two baptisms in Rosenallis parish between 1815 and 1851with the name Gilbourne, both taking place in Mountmellick.
25 Sept 1825, John son of William and Jane Gilbourne
15 Sept 1829, Jane dau of William and Jane Gilbourne.

Nothing is known of Jane after her baptism, but otherwise this is belived to be the family in England, in Clayton, Yorkshire in the 1851 census.

This tells us that William was a woolcomber of worsted cloth, and was born about 1788. They have not been found in England and Wales in 1841, so were presumbly still in Ireland. Neither have they been found in England and wales in 1861, and may have returned to Ireland. John Gilburne certainly returned, at least temporarily, for he married Catherine Anne (Kitty) Stapleton in Mountmellick 15 August 1867. He gave his father's name as William, while Kitty's father was Richard Stapleton.
John and Kitty gave birth to a daughter, Jane Anne in Mountmellick in 1871:

They left for Australia in 1873, arriving on the S.S. Winefred 14 January 1874. They made their home in Queensland, where a son, John thomas was born in July 1874. John snr. began work with the Southern and Western Queensland Railway in February 1875. A second daughter, Caroline Elizabeth,was born in February 1877, but died August the same year. it is not known when John ceased working on the railway, but by 1905 was a labourer, living on Quarry St., Ipswich, in Queensland. By this time John had been declared insane and he died 3 August that year. He was buried in the Anglican section in Ipswich Cemetery. In 1908 Kitty was living at Boundry St., Oxley, Brisbane, She died 2 September 1912 in Boonah, Queensland, and was buried with her husband in Ipswich.

Jane Anne Halsey
(The young girl is unrelated)

Jane was born in Mountmellick 24 June 1871 and baptised in the local church 13 August the same year. She immigrated to Australia with her parents in 1874. In 1905 she had moved out from her parents' home and was living in Bell St., Ipswich, and was described as having ‘domestic duties', presumably as a servant. In 1908 she was living at Boundary St., Oxley, Brisbane, still described as having ‘home duties'. She married James Halsey in 1909. He was a widower, having married Catherine Oldham in 1887. James and Catherine had a daughter and son together (though the son died in infancy) before Catherine died in Ipswich at the age of 25 in 1894. James Halsey seems to have waited until his daughter married before taking his second wife. Nothing is known of James and Jane's life together. James Halsey died 17 February 1939 and Jane 23 July 1959. Jane lived with a lady friend after her husband passed away. She and her husband are buried in Ipswich cemetery with John and Kitty Ann Gilburne. There were no children.

John Thomas Gilburne was born in Queensland in 1874 – the year his parents entered Australia. He started school in the Little Ipswich Mixed State School but In 1883, with the opening of a new building, he was in the first intake of the West Ipswich Boys' State School. He was one of 15 of the original pupils who attended the golden jubilee in 1933.
He added the name William for his marriage to Phoebe Elizabeth Margaret Wood 15 May 1901 at Sadler's Crossing, Queensland. In 1903 they were living in Toowoomba but by 1908 were in Boonah. They remained there for the rest of their lives, from 1936 (and possibly before) living at Macquarie St. From 1943 John, now approaching 70, was described as a shop assistant, and had probably handed over the running of his shop. The exact dates that John and Phoebe died have not been traced, but John is last found on the electoral roll in 1963 and Phoebe in 1968. They had two sons.

Norman John Gilburne was born 28 July 1902. He became a telephone mechanic and the 1925 electoral roll showed him living at Mackenzie's, Sherwood Rd., Toowong, Brisbane. Subsequent electoral rolls showed by 1936 he had moved back to Boonah, and was living with his parents; He was back in Brisbane by 1943, at 118 Gladstone Rd., Griffith. He was still there on the 1949 roll, but also listed at the Cecil Hotel, North Ipswich. He was in Ipswich in 1954 too, at 16 Alice St., Silkstone, Oxley. He was at the same address in 1958, but now with a wife. The date and place of the marriage to Edith May have not been found. They remained at Alice St. all their lives. He was a keen rifle shooter in his spare time. Norman died 19 February 1974, and Alice 2 December 1977. Their bodies were cremated and their ashes interred in the Columbarium in Ipswich General Cemetery.

John and Phoebe's second child, Colin Leonard was not born until 12 July 1915, in Boonah. He earned a State Scholarship in 1930. The 1937 and 1943 electoral rolls show he was still living with his parents and describe him as a shop assistant. Military records however show that he enlisted in the Australian Army 27 March 1941 and served until 5 June 1946, by when he had achieved the rank of Sergeant in the 202 Australian Supply Depot Platoon . Details of where he served are not known at this time.
After the war he worked as a clerk in Ipswich. He was living at Regis house, Union St., Ipswich in 1949 and Oakdale, Milford St. in 1954-58. In 1963 & 1968 he was at 30 Roderick St.before moving to 1 Chelmsford Avenue by 1972. He was still there in 1980, the last year that records are in the public domain. He was a keen golfer in his spare time. No marriage is known. He died 11 Oct 2000 and is buried in Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery, Ipswich.