Gilbourne in Dublin and Co. Laois

Heads of Trees gathered in this group:
IdentifierSurnameForenamesGilbourne CountNotes
 6GILBORNEThomas & Margaret VICARS 47m. Ireland ca 1706. Son Edward d. Co. Laois 1759
 6bGILBOURNEWilliam & Ann ?12Leased land in Ballylusk townland, Co. Laois 1757
 6cGILBORNEJames & Mary SENIOR15m. Co Laois 1793;
 6dGILBURNEWilliam & Jane HARRIS8b. ca 1788; Children Co. Laois 1825-1829. England 1851; Son m. Co. Laois 1867; QLD, Australia 1874
 6eGILBORNEWilliam & Hannah HARRIS39Children b.1824-1838 Family N.Y. ca 1846
 6fGILBORNEJames & Jane ? 39Children b. Co. Laois 1818-1831. d. Otsego Co., N.Y. 1848
 6gGILBOURNEEdward & Susanna POWER2m.1786 (Dublin?)
 6hGILBORNEJohn Davis & Ann ?2Only known child 1815, Dublin
 6jGILBORNEArthur James & Mary Ann MYTTON17m. Offerlane 1831
 6bGILBOURNHenry & Margaret McEVOY 31st known child ca 1846, Co. Laois
 6lGILBORNEWilliam & Emily ?3Child Dublin 1823
 6mGILBOURNEWilliam & Adelia Townsley2b. Ireland ca 1807; Schoharie Co., N.Y. (1850)
 6nGILBOURNEEdward & Jane ?3b.Ireland ca 1811; Saratoga Co., N.Y. (1850)
 6oGILBORNEFrances & Robert GARRETT 1m. 1834 Ballyfin
 6pGILBORNEJoanna & James Lyons 1m. 1798 Dublin

No baptism has been found for James, but he married Mary Senior 21 November 1793 in Offerlane, Co, Laois. This means that he was born about 1773 or earlier - was he another child of William and Frances (Tree 6b). A lease dated 23 August 1813 assigned " the lands of Ballylusk formerly in the occ'n of Wm. Gilbourne" to "the sd Jas Gilbourne his heirs ex'ors &admon for the natural lives &life of the sd Jas Gilbourne the lessee &of Henry Gilbourne &Chas Gilbourne the first &2 sons of sd Jas Gilbourne..." Is he taking over from his father, or some other relative? James' first wife had already died by this time. She was buried 5 May 1801 in Rosenallis. It is not clear whether James' second son Charles, born about 1802, was her son (had she died in childbirth?) or was the son of his second wife, Elizabeth Plunkett, who married James 5 June 1902 at Clonenagh. Mary's father, George Senior, died about 1795 and he bequeathed his property in the townland of Ballinrally, in Offerlane parish, to be divided between eight legatees, believed to be children. The memorial of the agreement of the division of his estate, made in 1796, was not published until 1806, by which time of course his daughter Mary had died. The memorial stated that "James Gilbourne should have the two Kylagnes yearly Rent seventy pounds. ... It was also thereby agreed upon by and between said parties that the timber then standing on said lands should be equally divided between and they and every of them " It is not clear what 'the two Kylagnes' refers to. In April 1815 James paid John Gilbourne ₤55 for the rghts to his lands in Ballycorroll townland.(Memorial Deed 472573
No children of James and Elizabeth are known. James was buried 4 June 1817 at Rosenallis. A visit to Rosenallis churchyard failed to find any gravestone for James or Mary. Elizabeth Gilborne's death has not been traced.

Henry Gilborne was probably born between 1893 and 1801, and is probably the Henry shown next to James in Ballylusk in the Tithe Applotments of 1829. He as a witness at his brother's wedding in 1831. What became of him after this is unknown, the only Gilbourne in Ballylusk in Griffiths Valuation of 1850 was Henry's brother, Charles. [Could this be the Henry who married Elizabeth McFee in the United States? It is unlikely as he gave his birth date as 1818. Is he the Henry who fathered two children of Margaret McEvoy in the late 1840s (Tree 6k)]

entry for James and Henry Gilburne in the Tithe Applotments (1829)

James' second son, Charles, was born around 1802, and stated above, it is not certain which of the wives was his mother. His father died when he was about fifteen years old. He was shown in the Tithe Applotments in 1829 farming 34 acres in Pallace [Pallas] townland, Clonenagh &Clonagheen parish. Charles Gilborne of Clonenagh married Maria Louisa Watson of Offerlane in the bride's parish 4 February 1831. A witness was Henry Gilborne, almost certainly his brother Henry referred to above. Maria gave birth to eight chidren, the eldest died aged just eitght months, but all the others lived to adulthood.
He rented 58+ac in Boughlone (in 1838) and 62+ ac in Coolamoney from Sir Henry Parnell, 1st Baron Congleton and, on appeal to the Irish Land commission rents were reduced from £36-15-0 to £33-0-0 and from £63-0-0 to £42-0-0 respectively. Charles was appointed a menber for Mountrath district of the Management Committe of Mountmellick Union in 1852 (With Wm. Treacy, Wm. Fitzpatrick & Edward Flood) On four occasions between 1858 and 1862 Charles appeared at the petty sessions charged with obstruction, for failing to allow road mender contractors access to a limestone quarry on his land which was the source of their road mending materials. He was usually ordered to comply, though on one occasion the charge was 'dismissed without prejudice. Other appearance at the petts sessions were s the result of escaped animals grazing on neighbours lands. Charles was occasionally the defendant, but far more frequently was the complainant. At different times he compalined of trespass by pigs, goats, geese, horses and cows. He sometimes failed to appear to prosecute his case, and his largest victory was a decree for 5s + costs after 4 goats belonging to Daniel Delany damaged a fence nd whitthorn quick-hedge in 1870. In 1864 he administered the estate of his aunt Margaret Plunkett, a spinster who had died in 1860. He keptw four dogs in 1877, a black and tan mastiff, a black and tan terrier, and two sheepdogs, a black and tan bitch and black and white dog.
Maria died 11 September 1885 and Charles died 23 September the following year. They are buried in Ballyfin Churchyard. His estates were inherited by his fourth son, Charles George. The Memorial of the transfer includes details of the deeds aand lands that his father occupied.