Gilbourne Tree 1

Tree 1. Descendants of Nicholas GILBUURN and his wife, Mary. .

GILBOURNE count: 323

GylburneJohnMarrAn TurnerLichfield St. Mary1572-11-09
GylburneWilliamMarrAnne TowersLichfield St. Mary1597-01-22
GILBORNEElizabethBapFrancisIsabillEllastone St. Peter1668-01-02
KILBORNIsabellBurFrancisEllastone St. Peter1682-08-24
GILLBURNEFrancisBurEllastone St. Peter1686-12-04
KILBURNRobertBapNicholasEllastone St. Peter1687-01-06
GILBURNEMaryBurNicholasEllastone St. Peter1700-09-30
GILBOURNNicholasBurEllastone St. Peter1716-05-11
GYLBURNDorothyBurEllastone St. Peter1729-01-08
GILBORNEAnnBapRobertSarahEllastone St. Peter1736-02-04
GILBORNERobertBapRobertSarahEllastone St. Peter1739-01-01
GYLBURNSarahBurEllastone St. Peter1745-05-03
GYLBURNRobertBurEllastone St. Peter1768-02-21

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All that is known of Nicholas and Mary is from the above table. Their births and marriage are yet to be found. It is possible that Ellen or Helen Gilburne, who married Thomas Alt at Ashbourne, Derbyshire, is their daughter. The marriage licence bond between Thomas and Ellen describes her as 'of Stanton, Staffordshire,' and Stanton is the parish adjacent to Ellastone. Nothing is known of them after their marriage.
The marriage of Robert Gilborne to Sarah has also not been found. If this is Nicholas' son then he would have been 52 years old when Robert jr. was born, and 55 when Ann was born. Sarah would clearly have been at least 10 years younger. Unfortunately the church burial register dioes not include their ages, making it impossible to veruify it is the same Robert. Nothing is known of their daughter Ann after her baptism, and it is only with Robert baptised 1739 that we begin to know more of the family.
After baptism at Ellastone in 1739, Robert married Elizabeth Philips in Muggington, Derbyshire, in 1764. His wife's surname is significant, and is found in later years.This couple baptised at least 7 children between 1768 and 1785 in Duffield, Derbyshire. The family only remained in Duffield for one generation, Elizabeth dying there in 1798 and Robert also dying there, in 1805. Of Robert and Elizabeth's five daughters two died at Duffield but no further trace has been found of the other three. Both sons moved to Greasley, on the Nottinghamshire border with Derbyshire.
Robert Gilborne is an enigma - What happened to him between his baptism as Robert GILBURN in 1768 at Duffield, Derbys and his appearances in the 1841 and 51 censuses in Notts as Robert PHILLIPS? Why was he using his mother's maden name? In 1851 he was described as unmarried, but had two PHILLIPS (though recorded as FILLIPS!) granddaughters staying with him. There is no record of baptisms for his two granddaughters, though both were said to be born in Greasley. He was buried in 1855 as Robert PHILIPS GILBORNE, and his tombstone reads:
"A faithful parent slumbers here, A Father and a Friend sincere, With energy and courage fervant Was 60 years a faithful and trusty servant", - yet no marriage for him has been found, and no children traced. Buried with him was Fanny Knighton, though no relationship between the two has been found. Fanny (nee Mitchell) was the wife of Cornelius Knighton, and they had baptised a son Henry Roger Gilbourn Knighton in Greasley in 1840. Fanny's husband was buried with their daughter at the General Baptist Chapel, Newthorpe, just a few miles away.
Robert's brother, Samuel, also moved to Greasley, and all later Gilbournes in Tree 1 trace back to Samuel and there are still some of his descendants in the same parish 200 years later. He married Elizabeth Burrows in Greasley parish church in 1805. Their first five children were baptised at Greasley, and three later children baptised at neighbouring Eastwood. No baptism has been found for their seventh child. All the children were baptised with the surname recorded as Gilman or Gillman, the last in 1829. Samuel died in 1835 and was buried at Eastwood. Elizabeth, still recorded as Gilman, was in Eastwood in 1841 and 1851, and died there in 1857.
Altugh all the children had been baptised as Gil(l)man, some of them also incorporated their grandmother's maiden name: eldest daughter Sarah married as Sarah Phillips Gilman (1831); Robert and his family were found as Phillips is the 1841 census, the birth of his son Samuel in 1844 was registered as Samuel Phillips.and his death was recorded as Robert Phillips in 1851.
After Samuel and Elizabeth the tree exploded, with many children in a number of families. The majority of the males were coalminers in the many local mines. They spread from Greasley into neighbouring Nottinghamshire parishes and Derbyshire, particularly Cotnmanhay, Ilkeston and Pinxton. As the Notts mine owners opened new pits in Yorkshire many of the workers moved there.

Other Records that May Link To This Tree

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It has already been noted above that other Gilbournes in ellastone may link to this tree.

Tree 1a


GilborneAnnBap-Mary GilborneDuffiled1787-08-02
HoldenHenryBap-- GilmanDuffield1790-01-21

No other record of Mary Gilborne or her daughter has been found.
Given the confusion between Gilman and Gilborne is it possible that the baptism of Henry Holden sis also a Gilborne, and is it a second illegitimate birth to Mary?
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